Common steps and sub-activities

Qigong IEN - swallowing

Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming suggests in his books that if you are on your own, then you need to adopt what he calls the horse stance – a stance that looks like you were riding a horse but lost it – with both fists in front of your thighs, this is shown below.

Whist inhaling you need to first centre your awareness on the solar plexus – the Middle Dan Tien and the place of Fire Chi.  You then exhale smoothly.

Next time you inhale you focus on the Huang Ting using visualisation leading the Fire chi down to this place and the water chi up to this place.

When you exhale you visualise the two sorts of chi inter mingling.

The next inhalation then leads the resultant mixed chi down to HUIYIN CO-1.

All through this you hold up the anus and the perineum.