Common steps and sub-activities

Preventing ejaculation – perineum press

In Qigong this is called WOH. I thought I’d let you know because then when you shout out Whoah!! You can pretend to be very knowledgeable with your partner and tell her [or him] that it is the name of the technique you were using.

When you feel that an orgasm is about to erupt, you must press very hard with the heel on the perineum, or your helper must put one finger – index or middle finger  - at the perineum, the area between the anus and the root of the lingam, and press inward and forward quite hard against the back of the pubic bone.

This blocks the urethra channel that the semen is about to come through. 

Do not let go too soon. Several minutes may be required.  The semen is then reabsorbed into the body.  There are no serious health implications in doing this.  In a sense you are doing on a very temporary basis, what is done on a permanent basis by a vasectomy.

This may seem a strange thing to do but it helps to train the orgasmic response of the man.  The orgasm with the ejaculation blocked is not as pleasurable as having one with a free flow of semen, so by doing this there will be a gradual sub-conscious shift in thinking from wanting to go to orgasm to wanting to stay in front of it.