Common steps and sub-activities

Playing certain computer games

The number of people who experience hallucinations whilst playing video games  is surprisingly high, if the following informal poll taken by Escapist magazine is anything to go by  - around 80% have something.

Poll: Have you ever had gaming-induced hallucinations? (Like the "Tetris Effect")


20.1% (38)

Once. Maybe twice.

22.8% (43)

A few times.

39.7% (75)

Very often.

13.2% (25)

Yes, right now.

1.1% (2)

There are two principal mechanisms at work here, one primary one is that of Befuddling.  It seems to be the case that the repetitive nature of the games or the activity – particularly games like minesweeper, played for hours on end have a befuddling effect not dissimilar to that produced by koans and riddles!

The second mechanism is Reverse REM induced by Pattern glare.