Common steps and sub-activities

Nose pressing

This technique is used quite a lot in yoga.  It uses the nose as a trigger point.

You very gently press the cheek close to the nose.

An additional possibility is to gently squeeze the nostrils.  If you have your mouth closed, squeeze one nostril at a time!  This technique is the basic approach used in any number of controlled breathing methods used in the Hindu pranayamas and the descriptions will say that you are directing the flows of energy – ida and pingala. See also tongue pressing.

But this is not in fact the case.

In both cases this is a nervous reaction but different nerves.  The side of the nose near the cheek affects the maxillary nerve.  The nose itself relies on the opthalmic nerve and is linked in with the nose tip – see forehead pressing with nose tip.

Pressing both nostrils in helps with sensory deprivation - no smells.


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