Common steps and sub-activities

Looking at confusing pictures

There are some pictures that have been designed specifically to befuddle the function of reason. Some companies specialise in the production of photos that seriously befuddle….

Escher specialised in producing both patterns and pictures whose whole purpose was to befuddle the mind.  His paintings and pictures contain both odd swirling and moving patterns which assault the eye or are so strange in their dual imagery or false perspectives that they confuse the rational mind.  The key here if you use Escher imagery is not to try to rationalise what you are seeing, you must let yourself be confused and befuddled.

Personally I just find them fascinating, and they have no effect on me because they invite too much exploration for me – but I am a fairly imaginative person, so I suspect this is inevitable.  But  there are some who find them quite effective and use them to induce trance like states which have ‘stilled the ego and the will’.


Many magic pictures are designed to befuddle.  Some are not just complex but rather beautiful…..

This is an Enochian magic table


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