Common steps and sub-activities


Humming can be provided by other people, or by yourself. A hum made by a human being is a wordless tone with the mouth opened or closed, forcing the sound to emerge from the nose. To hum is to produce such a sound, with no melody – a single tone.

Humming probably works via two mechanisms – Resonance and Sensory deprivation – which may sound barmy, but if there is a single tone and a constant frequency you are effectively listening to white noise

There are CDs with just humming on them.

The advantages of a CD is that all you have to do is listen, the disadvantage is that they might contain subliminal messages

The advantage of doing it yourself is that there is absolutely no danger of you getting brain washed, but of course you have to keep up a constant note for quite some time and it is not easy.

But you also have the option of listening to bees humming.  Dr Valerie Solheim has proved that you can get some quite intense experiences from a bees hum and bees tend not to send subliminal messages!  For more details here see


A good simple video showing the link between this and ‘Humming bee breath’ controlled breathing can be  found on


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