Common steps and sub-activities

Getting your horoscope produced

In order to get an accurate horoscope you need your exact place of birth, the date of your birth and the time.  In many countries of the world the time of birth is recorded on, for example, the birth certificate, but if - as in the UK - it isn't and your Mum and Dad are no longer around to be able to tell you, all is not lost, as even a very rough horoscope based on the date is still useful.

The chart can be produced by computers these days, but it needs to be interpreted as it is simply a circular diagram showing the Signs of the Zodiac and the Planets

Despite the apparently physical method of calculating the chart, the interpretation and meanings are spiritual - that is functional.


In order to see how the chart is used in the context of the Activity Know yourself you now need to read the description of Why we are here