Common steps and sub-activities

Frenetic sports activities

Besides the other sporting activities I have described such as kayaking or long distance cycling, it is worth pointing out that any extremely and continuously active sporting activities are an ideal way to achieve the level of frenetic exercise required. 

I am not a great lover of gyms, but gyms are actually fine for doing this, it is just that being outside in the countryside gives you the opportunity to commune with nature.

Some people accompany their exercise these days, especially in gyms and via iPods with repetitive music, this helps to still the Reasoning system and thus heighten the experience.  The best types of exercise for achieving this are:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Step exercises
  • Endurance exercises in the gym [tread mill, cycle, rowing machine]
  • Strenuous bicycling
  • Long distance swimming
  • Long distance skating [ice or roller]
  • Cross country skiing
  • Long distance rowing

Any exercises where short bursts of exercise are interspersed with rest periods, or where the exercise is not intense will not work.  As such golf, tennis, gentle walking, gentle bicycling, or competitive sports such as rugby, basketball, football, hockey, or similar games will all produce feelings of well-being but not produce any other effects.


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