Common steps and sub-activities

Elevator visualisation

The technique description below is self-explanatory.

William Buhlman – The Secret of the Soul

Think of a tall building with a large lobby.  You step inside and cross the lobby, moving toward the elevator.  Select an elevator, and see the door slowly open.

Take your time and enter, then press the button marked for the twentieth floor.

As you lean against the cool wall of the elevator you watch the floor numbers climb as you move higher and higher.

The light shows the first floor and then the second.  You feel the elevator moving slowly but steadily higher and higher to the third floor, then the fourth.  You are now moving more quickly to the fifth, sixth, and then the seventh floor.  You can feel the movement and watch the numbers rise as you go higher and higher. You clearly see the eighth and then the ninth floor. The motion is steady as you feel the elevator moving higher and higher.

You pass the tenth floor and then the eleventh.  The twelfth and thirteenth are now below you as the elevator moves with constant speed toward the higher floors.  The numbers show you've passed the fourteenth floor and are moving toward the fifteenth, then the sixteenth. You are higher than before; the motion is comforting and secure.

The floor below you is getting softer as you approach the seventeenth and then the eighteenth floor. You begin to feel as though you are floating to the nineteenth floor.

Your feet are off the ground now as you reach the twentieth floor and the door slowly opens to a warm, inviting sensation of floating free.