Common steps and sub-activities

Elastic bands [toes]

You need six elastic bands.

Place one elastic band on each toe, around the joint, making sure it is tight but not so tight it restricts the blood.  It should feel as though someone was exerting pressure on the toe.  Next place the other elastic bands around the other toes, but put two toes together as you do this so there are in effect the little toe and next one bound together, then the two inner toes bound together.  Again try to bind them near the joint and also make sure it is not too tight but tight enough to feel as though someone was pressing on them.

The disadvantage of this technique is that there is no relaxation period, the advantage is that you can lie flat if you want and you can to all intents and purposes forget your toes and what you need to do with them. 

In the general system employed by Dr Fitzgerald pain in the first zone is treated by pressure on all surfaces of the first joint of the big toe or on the corresponding joint of the thumb.  According to his system, firm pressure on the end of the great toe or the top of the thumb will control the entire first zone – back and front.  Similarly firm extended pressure on the tips of the great toe and all other toes, or the thumb and all the fingers will control all the zones back and front, this form of anaesthesia however, may extend into the head.