Common steps and sub-activities

Elastic bands [fingers]

A more limited amount of anaesthesia can be established by pressure over any resistant bony surface, thus by placing a rubber band round the first joints of each finger or the thumb one has effectively anaesthetised each zone and as the pressure is all round, the anaesthetising is to the front back and sides of the body.

In the general system employed by Dr Fitzgerald pain in the first zone is treated by pressure on all surfaces of the first joint of the big toe or on the corresponding joint of the thumb.  According to his system, firm pressure on the end of the great toe or the top of the thumb will control the entire first zone – back and front.  Similarly firm extended pressure on the tips of the great toe and all other toes, or the thumb and all the fingers will control all the zones back and front, this form of anaesthesia however, may extend into the head.