Common steps and sub-activities

Controlled arousal

When masturbating you must masturbate to the point some time before you feel an orgasm coming on and then stop for a short while before starting again. In this case you may use a counting method to decide how long to leave between periods of masturbation and periods of rest. You must stop well before orgasm is due. Repeat over and over again until you feel you can control the energy created.

For example, as the train of arousal starts to speed up and run away, count ten strokes and then stop for about 15 to 30 seconds. Or count 5 strokes then stop for about 15 seconds and keep on repeating. You must never be close to orgasm, the idea is to use counting to familiarise yourself with the feelings at each stage and to associate a count with a feeling and thus be better able to judge what to do when.