Common steps and sub-activities

Climbing visualisation

The technique description below is self-explanatory.

William Buhlman ‘The Secret of the Soul’

…..picture a thick rope hanging down from the ceiling and descending to just above your chest.

In your mind picture this rope - a white, silky rope. You want to reach up and touch the rope. Feel the satiny texture with one hand. Move your hand gently up and down the rope. Notice the feel of each individual thread. Now place your other hand on the rope, and gently pull. Feel the tension as you pull. The rope will easily hold your weight. With both hands around the rope, slowly begin to pull yourself up. You can feel yourself begin to lift off the ground with ease…..  You are pulling yourself up hand over hand. Your hips are lifting from the ground. You are weightless.

…... As you pull yourself higher and higher, your feet are now completely in the air. You are comfortably moving up the rope into beautiful, fluffy clouds. Moving hand over hand, you are weightless as you rise toward the soft clouds.

Continue to effortlessly pull your weightless body up through the clouds into a beautiful blue sky. As you move hand over hand up to the sky, you feel lighter and lighter and you begin to float.  You no longer need to touch the rope.  It begins to fade away, and you gently release the rope with each hand.  You are free to float upward and away from all physical limitations.