Common steps and sub-activities


Acupressure is based on exactly the same principles as Acupuncture, but instead of using needles to stimulate trigger points, the healer's hands are used to apply pressure. The meridians used are also exactly the same. 

Acupressure differs from massage in that pressure is applied to a trigger point using the finger, thumb, elbow, knee or some other part of the body of the therapist.  The bulb of the practitioner’s thumb [or fingers] is used not the tip or the nails.

The duration of the pressure applied is often quite short– only about 5-7 seconds.  The pressure must be firm but gentle.  No jabbing of the fingers or the thumb.  The degree of pressure “should be about that used when having your fingerprints taken”.

see also Stimulation of trigger points

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there is mention of this method under the heading of treatment for  lymph system disease as it provides a means of helping the lymph system system to function



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