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Williams, Nicholas – Action on strain gauges not stuck onto pieces of metal during no-touch sessions



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The use of a chart-recorded dummy strain gauge channel is now standard practice in our experiments. Both types of experiments have vindicated the interpretation that paranormal action develops an internal strain in the metal or the strain gauge or both.

Naturally I have given much thought to the question of whether l consider the many thousands of strain pulses recorded in these sessions to be merely artefacts. It is quite possible to devise electronic methods of simulating signals, using electromagnetic coupling, but I am releasing no detailed information about how this might be done! The dummy strain gauge would show up such simulations, as it shows up artefacts arising from local electrical disturbances. Any signal also occurring in the dummy strain gauge channel (and such an event is rare) is discarded.

There is also the possibility of someone jogging the chart-recorder mechanically or tampering with the electronics; obviously I am aware of this possibility, but I have never known it happen except accidentally. I think it possible that very small electromagnetic artefacts (about 0.2 mV in magnitude) might appear on the strain gauges but not in the dummy channel. But the vast majority of paranormal signals are much larger than this, and l do not see how they can represent anything other than paranormal strains.

Action on ‘nude’ strain gauges which are not stuck onto pieces of metal was observed at several no-touch sessions with Nicholas Williams.

Typically the strain gauge was stretched between two rigid mounting points, and in some experiments a small piece of insulated wire was allowed to rest freely on it. The purpose was to search for any downward quasi-force exerted during bending of the wire. In fact such quasi-forces were observed each time the wire bent visibly. Their magnitudes sometimes exceeded those of the force exerted by the entire weight of the wire resting on the centre of the horizontal strain gauge. Thus these quasi-forces appear not to be simply changes in the weight of the metal; the interpretation of this type of experiment is at present rather difficult.

l believe it likely that the action was not on the strain gauge but on the wire, which bent. But in later experiments a strain gauge unloaded with wire was found to experience signals; possibly these were electrical in origin.

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Williams, Nicholas

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