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Vaughan, Dr Alan – Prophesies of work looking out upon the Golden Gate Bridge



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan


One thematic series of predictions from Johnson began on June 30, 1967:

"Are there any connections with California, because I was being shown the Golden Gate. It would be with someone you have been involved with rather than yourself. Remember I spoke about the writing; I am speaking of writing not just as an interest or a hobby, I am speaking of bringing it into your work pattern."

I noted mention of California in the predictions of five other mediums:

  • (July 25, 1967): "You might go to California in something connected with your work."
  • (July 27, 1967): "You could be moving about rather quickly . . .-California."
  • (July 28, 1967): "You will move somewhere where there is a tropical atmosphere . . . California."
  • (August 24, 1967): "Towards the end of 1968 you will go to Northern California on an assignment from a paper or journal."
  • (September 14, 1967): "You will be based in New York and then you will go to California for an indefinite period of time."

The theme of moving to California seemed to be linked with some publication there. I had also recorded some other predictions that spoke of a publication. The most specific of them had been:

  • (July 10, 1967): "You will sign a contract to do free-lance journalism in England at first, then in America. The publication links up with psychic science."
  • (August 25, 1967): "You will be commissioned to travel and you shall travel quite a lot. A magazine will send you somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic."

At the time of those sittings in the summer of 1967, I had no idea of what publication might be referred to in California. When I had travelled to San Francisco in 1965, I had been looking for editorial work in publishing, so I knew for a fact that there was no publication there linking up with "psychic science."

But towards the end of 1968, when I was back in New York, I learned of a new magazine called Psychic. lt began publication in June 1969 from its home office in San Francisco. I began writing for it on a freelance basis, and by the end of 1969 I became Psychic's eastern editor. The editor and publisher, James Bolen, invited me to fly to San Francisco in October 1970 to confer on future developments of the magazine. I made additional trips there in 1971 and 1972, and in 1973 moved to San Francisco as co-editor of the magazine.

The initial symbolism on June 30, 1967, of the "Golden Gate" is particularly apt since Psychic magazine's offices look out upon the Golden Gate Bridge. True to the prediction of August 25, 1967, I have been commissioned to travel quite a lot to write articles and do interviews for the magazine. The predicted time of "towards the end of 1968" was significant as the time of my making first contact with the new publication.

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Johnson, Douglas

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