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The OBE case histories of Dr Richard Green - 01 Transferring consciousness to a light bulb



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David Scott Rogo - Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection

Richard Greene has collected accounts from his students that indicate that visualization exercises can successfully catalyze OBEs. AIthough admitting that some students take longer to develop the ability than others, Greene believes that his techniques will work for just about anyone, given sufficient time and practice. The accounts he has collected often read very similar to the accounts of those who have had OBEs spontaneously or through other methods. This is certainly qualitative evidence that his students are undergoing genuine OBEs. For instance, the following description was written by a student trying to transfer his consciousness into a lightbulb:

At first, I had a hard time feeling myself in the position of the lightbulb. I would no sooner feel myself there when I would find myself being drawn back into my physical body, lt was as if there was a great struggle to keep myself where I wanted to be. For a few moments in fact, I got the impression that I was bouncing back and forth between my body and the Iight bulb.

Once I got centered into the bulb, I could feel the closeness of the wall (there was a wall near to the bulb). At first I also found my mind analyzing and trying to remember the room as I usually knew it to be. What I was trying to do was to utilize my memory of the room. I also noticed that when I tried to analyze, remember, or intellectualize about what something should look like, I found myself back in the body. At one point I tried to see my own physical body from the bulb. As I looked at it, I noticed that I was looking down at my body, but I couldn't get a perception as to the color of my clothes, or the shape of my hair, ln trying to intellectualize (or remember, if you will) how these things looked, I found myself immediately back in the body.

This sort of thing occurred about three or four times and I naturally thought that I was simply imagining or visualizing what I was "seeing." Suddenly there came an incident which I found to be of great interest.

Below the lightbulb were two boxes, I did not know what was in them. From my position, as the lightbulb, I could look down into them, What I saw was that one box had some sort of cord or wire in it. The other box had scraps of paper in it.

The word "seeing" to describe the way I saw these things is not the right word, They were images which penetrated into my consciousness. Along with the perceptions came a solid feeling of them being totally and completely right. If you close your eyes and visualize a red triangle-the way it appears in the mind's eye is the way I saw these things, I then returned my consciousness back to my body and went to look into the boxes.

ln one box there was wire which I found out later went to a guitar amplifier, and in the other there were pieces of paper.

One other thing was that as I was the lightbulb, I noticed thot the position of the boxes in regards to the lamp was not directly over the boxes, but rather to one side of them. When I got up to check my results, I saw that the bulb was in one direction away from the box rather than directly over them.  And I also noticed that when I had looked at the boxes from the bulb's perspective, I had  actually been the lamp, For in checking out what I saw through my fusing with the bulb, by going over physically to the bulb and looking from its perspective, I saw exactly the same thing as when I was fused consciously with the light bulb.

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Rogo, D Scott

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