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Tarot - 04 Major Arcana - 06 The Lovers



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The partial reunification of the masculine with the feminine [Conscious and Sub-conscious] after the trauma of rebirth, can result in a sort of ecstasy and if one is lucky, this is a honeymoon period which is known in the Tarot as the Lovers, and also known as the Mystic marriage.  In the Sephirot it is represented by  Tif'eret.

We can see this time on the diagram of the spiritual path under the heading of 'Contact', which admittedly does not sound as romantic or appealing as the Lovers, but it is what happens, as no merging of masculine and feminine has taken place at this stage, but a joining of masculine and feminine has occurred sufficient to make the person aware of and capable of conversing with their Higher spirit. Represented here by Eros [Divine Love]

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