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Sybil, Vicky, Marian and Peggy Lou



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Whilst Sybil had complete periods of which she had no memory whatsoever, her additional personalities did. In effect, when she blacked out they took over and accumulated memories of their own, along with learnt function of their own.

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Sybil – Professor Flora Rheta Schreiber

‘Does Sybil know Marian Ludlow?’ the doctor asked.

‘I’m afraid not’ Vicky [one of the personalities] replied with faint condescension. ‘Sybil’s not a femme du monde, a woman of esprit. She saw Mrs Ludlow in line in the Teacher’s College cafeteria and wondered what a fashionable woman like that was doing there. The cafeteria was crowded and Sybil was sitting alone. Mrs Ludlow asked if she might sit with her. You know Sybil is always afraid of not being polite enough. So she said ‘Certainly’. But the thought of having to cope with an attractive society woman terrified her. She blacked out. So I took over and had a conversation with the grande dame. That was the beginning of our friendship. And we’re very good friends’

‘Does Peggy Lou know Mrs Ludlow?’

‘Oh I don’t think so Dr Wilbur. They’re worlds apart, you know’.

‘Vicky you seem to do many things in which Sybil and Peggy play no part’ the doctor observed

‘That’s perfectly true’ ‘I have my own route. I’d be so bored if I had to follows theirs……. Doctor, Sybil would like to be me, but she doesn’t know how’

‘Then Sybil knows about you?’

‘Of course not‘, Vicky replied

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