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Sybil and her multiple personalities



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Initially Sybil's doctor – Dr Connie Wilbur - discovered two other personalities called Vicky and Peggy. As therapy proceeded however, more emerged.

What was clear however was that each Personality had different characteristics, different capabilities [one could play the piano, another – a boy – could do carpentry, another could paint, and another could cook well] and different Memories, although effectively ‘occupying’ the one body….

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Sybil – Professor Flora Rheta Schreiber

‘Do you know Peggy’ asked the doctor

‘Of course’ Vicky replied.

‘Tell me about Peggy’

‘You want me to tell you about Peggy?’ Vicky repeated ‘You mean Peggy Lou? Would you also like to hear about Peggy Ann?’

‘Peggy who?’ asked the doctor

‘Stupid of me’ Vicky apologised ‘I had quite forgotten that Peggy Lou is the only one you’ve met. There are two Peggy’s...........

...........Dr Wilbur, feeling that the diagnosis of multiple personality had been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, could not take her mind off this unusual case. Peggy and Sybil, although existing in the same body, had different memories, different moods, different attitudes, different experiences. The experiences that they shared were perceived differently. Their voices, their diction and their vocabularies were different. They presented themselves in different ways. Even their ages were different. Sybil was thirty one but Peggy … the doctor couldn’t decide whether Peggy was a precocious child or an immature adult. 

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