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Swedenborg, Emanuel - The True Christian Religion - Lower earth



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The True Christian Religion - Emanuel Swedenborg

I once heard loud shouts which sounded as if they were bubbling up through water from lower regions; from the left came the shout: 'oh, how just!', from the right: 'Oh, how learned!', and from behind: ,Oh, how wise!' And as I wondered whether there could be any just, learned or wise persons in hell, I strongly desired to see the truth of the matter.

A voice from heaven then said to me: 'You shall see and hear.'

So I departed in the spirit and saw before me an opening, which I approached and examined; and behold!, there was a ladder, and by this I descended.
When I had got down, I saw a plain covered with shrubs intermixed with thorns and nettles. I inquired whether this was hell, and was told that it was the lower earth which is immediately above hell.

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Swedenborg, Emanuel

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