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Shereston, Adam - Heals a person with MS



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Adam Shereston - Alignment

As the year 2002 was drawing to a close, a gentleman named Stan, who had been suffering with multiple sclerosis for about twenty years, contacted me. I was still staying with Vicky at the time, and he lived nearby, so I made an appointment to go and see him.

The multiple sclerosis had obviously affected his life quite considerably. He had been forced to give up work and was surviving on disability benefits. While he had a roof over his head, his living conditions were quite basic. He told me that his wife had left him, and I felt that he had probably declined further since then.

I took one step into his bungalow, and the negative emotion hit me like a tonne of bricks. Poor old Stan was not in a good place in himself. Having welcomed me in, he made us both a cup of tea, and we each settled into an armchair for a brief chat. I asked him all of the usual questions, such as when he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, what medication he was taking, and so on. After we had been through the initial consultation, I wanted to make sure that he was relaxed, so I began to talk him through the healing procedure. Once he seemed to be at ease,  I made a start.

After about forty minutes, I felt that the healing was complete.  With Stan still in a deep sense of relaxation, I brought him back slowly by talking to him very gently.  l always like to stay around for a short while after the healing to ensure that the client is all right.  This is just in case of a slight adverse reaction, such as light-headedness, which might be a little unsettling for them. This kind of sensation, however, is fairly uncommon and only temporary. It would normally be due to energy having been shifted while the healing takes place.  Stan seemed fine, so I left, asking him to contact me if anything out of the ordinary happened.

Two days later, I received a phone call from him.  He was in a state of disbelief at what had taken place after the healing session. He had been soaking in the bath for a while, when suddenly he began to sense some discomfort in one of his eyes.  At first, he thought that it was an eyelash caught under his eyelid, but when he looked in the mirror, he could see to his amazement, the end of a thorn poking out the corner of his eye. On closer inspection, he noticed that the thorn actually seemed to be slowly easing itself out.  Not wanting to touch it, in case he accidentally poked it back in, he just watched it moving out of his eye until eventually it dropped into the sink.

A little later on, Stan recalled an incident from about twenty years earlier, shortly before the onset of his multiple sclerosis. He had been gardening, and a thorn had become lodged in his eye. He went to his local GP to get it removed but was advised to leave it there if it wasn't bothering him, as an operation to remove it could have resulted in damage to his eye.

We kept in contact for a while afterwards, so that he could keep me updated on how things were going. Six months down the line, he no longer needed to take medication, and his symptoms seemed to have disappeared. After twenty years of restricted mobility and suffering, on both a physical and emotional level, Stan was slowly starting to rebuild his life.

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Shereston, Adam

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