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Schelling, F W J - Clara or On Nature’s Connection to the Spirit World – The enormous value of observation



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Clara or On Nature’s Connection to the Spirit World – F W J Schelling

The natural scientist belongs in the country. I have learned more about physics from the farmers than from the academics' lecture halls.

Observation is still the best.

How much there is to observe from early morning right up to the complete silence of nightfall outside, from living through one long summer's day, whose end one does not think one will live to see. Here I have observed things about the most universal effects of nature; I have observed things about light, sound, the role of water on the earth and in the clouds, the coming and going of natural forces; I have watched animal life,  but in particular I have observed things about plants that no academic could have told me.

Whosoever does not see natural life as a whole, who doesn't come to understand its language in its very details, also does not know the extent to which the human body is itself truly a smaller nature within a larger one, a smaller nature that has unbelievably many analogies and links to the larger-links that no one would think to exist had observation and application not taught us that it is so.

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Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von

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