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Savage, Dr Minot Judson - Psychics : facts and theories – 22 Information he did not know is given by a ‘dead friend’



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There are other possibilities.  A perfectly live but mischievous person's Higher spirit - perhaps whilst they are asleep, - reads the man's mind and latches on to his perceptions of this dead person - then pretends to be the dead person.

When challenged however, more effort is needed on their part and they have to do a very extensive search to find the dead person's sister's Higher spirit.  Remote viewing or Out of body or lucid dreaming or even dreaming all the while.

It is the extensive use of language here that makes one suspicious that a dead person is not actually involved.


A description of the experience

Psychics : facts and theories – M J Savage

In these instances the information imparted was not known, and could not have been known either to the psychic or to myself, the only other person present. It was afterward found to be true.

These cases are peculiarly interesting to me, because I do not see how the theory of telepathy can be so stretched as to include them.

As in some of the cases already described, I was sitting with my psychic friend, who is not a professional and whose powers are known only to a few intimate friends. I will also say of her that she does not always possess the power, and has over it no voluntary control.

She simply sits and waits, and sometimes something occurs and sometimes nothing.

On one of these occasions a dead friend claimed to be present. She had one living- sister, married and settled two hundred miles from Boston. After the ordinary conversation, it occurred to me to attempt a little test. I had reason to suppose that, at the particular time, the married sister was in another town than that in which she resided ; so the bias of my mind was in that way. I note this because a mind-reader could not have given the answer I received.

I asked this supposed " spirit " friend if she knew where her sister was at that hour. The answer came that she did not; and that she had no way of knowing, any more than I had, unless she should go or send and find out. Then I said: " Can you go or send for me ? " I was told that she would try, and was directed to wait. For fifteen minutes everything was quiet. Then came a signal.

I asked what it meant, and got the reply that it was my friend, who had returned. I said :

" Have you found out for me ? "

The answer was : " Yes ; she is at home in her own house. She is getting ready to go out."

The reply was entirely contrary to my expectation, and the psychic knew nothing about either of the parties concerned. I wrote a letter at once to this sister of my dead friend, and asked where she was and what she was doing on this day and at this hour, telling her I would explain later why I wanted to know.

In due course the answer came, saying : " I was at home on that particular forenoon, and at about the hour you mention I made a call on one of my neighbors."

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Savage, Dr Minot Judson

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