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Ronaldo shoots goals in the dark



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I am not sure how one classifies seeing in the dark spiritually, it is a form of out of body as one has transferred one's vision to your composer, but in a sense it is letting your composer and Higher spirit take over - like the Stars Wars instruction 'go with the force Luke, go with the force'.........


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From a rhesus negative discussion forum

My son was extolling the virtues of the footballer Christiano Ronaldo. He showed me a video which goes a long way to explain why he is currently regarded to be the best footballer in the world.

Christian Ronaldo scores 3 goals in complete darkness

In it Ronaldo demonstrates that he has an almost psychic ability to predict where the ball comes from - he can do this even in the pitch dark - that's what the video shows, him putting the ball in the net every time in the dark. Ronaldo himself can't explain how he does this.

So I jokingly said "maybe he is Rhesus Neg. then". Long explanation to son followed which made son look up to see what blood type Ronaldo is!

Predictably he is indeed a Rhesus Neg. I wonder how many others in prominent positions are? Interesting that 3 members of the Beatles are/were, that's quite uncanny. I wonder about George Harrison now. Will have to find out

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Ronaldo, Christiano

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