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Romanes, Dr George John - Sees the ghost of his dying sister



Type of Spiritual Experience

Out of body

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

Volume XI, page 440, of the Proceedings of the S.P.R.

Also quoted in Professor Ernest Bozzano Les phénomènes de bilocation Traduit de l’italien par Gabriel Gobron and translated further into English by Serge Patlavskiy]

Dr. Romanes recounts the event in this way:

"Towards the end of March 1878, in the middle of the night, and at a moment when I was awake, it seemed to me that I saw the door at the head of the bed open and a white shape introduced itself which, passing very close to me and standing on its feet, stopped facing me, so that I saw that her head and body were enveloped in white veils. Suddenly lifting her hands up, this form removed the veils that hid her face, and then, as if framed by her hands, the figure of my sister, who had been lying sick in the very same house for some time, appeared to me. I called her, shouting her name out loudly, and so I saw her instantly disappear.

The next day (and certainly because of the impression the event had made on me) I brought in Dr. W. Jenner, who diagnosed that my sister had only a few days left to live. She only lived for a few days.

I was in excellent health and I was not suffering from any anxiety. My sister had been cared for by the family doctor, who had not suspected the seriousness of the disease, so I didn't care more about it than my sister did about it herself. I never had, before or after, an experience of this nature."

The source of the experience

Romanes, Dr George John

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