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Prof. F. E. Leaning’s friend’s out of body experience in which he goes through a closed door



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British Journal of Psychical Research (1928, p. 26).
[also quoted in Professor Ernest Bozzano Les phénomènes de bilocation Traduit de l’italien par Gabriel Gobron and translated further into English by Serge Patlavskiy]

 Prof. F. E. Leaning published a study entitled: "Extra-corporeal consciousness", in which he quotes, among other things, the report of a case that occurred to a friend.  Professor Leaning observes: "The last part of this report irresistibly suggests the idea that the fusion of the "second personality" with the physical body had remained imperfect, and this possibility is in line with others reported by the Occult Review."  The friend writes:

" I was staying in a hotel called the "Sheridan Inn" and I stayed in my room all day, waiting for my friend Edwin to come and get me for the signing of a legal deed.

After eating, I lay on the bed and started reading. Then all of a sudden I was overwhelmed by a wave of sleep that I couldn't resist. This upset me, because I was reading the "Amiel diary" which interested me a lot and I wanted to continue. But everything was useless and I fell asleep suddenly.

I immediately had the impression that I had left my body. I turned around, and saw my body curled up in an uncomfortable position, I was surprised that one could fall asleep in such a posture.

I had the idea of leaving and I went into the corridor through the door, but obviously by force of habit, since I could just as easily have crossed through the wall, since I did not open the door, but went through the wood.

I didn’t have to wait to get to any place, I just had to want it. This did not prevent me from seeing myself in possession of legs, arms and a body, and from feeling better than usual.

There was no one in the corridor, except a [black man] waxing the floor. I confronted him, but he didn't seem to see me. I realised that I must have become invisible, which increased my curiosity even more.

I then had fun passing in front of him, behind him, around him, grazing him, but he never looked at me. The thing amused me. But then I suddenly thought that if someone came to get me, and woke my body from its sleep while I was out of it, complications could result, probably unpleasant. I immediately came back, through the wood of the door and when I was near the bed, my body "sucked" me imperatively, "sheathing" me via my feet!

 It was fortunate that this idea came to my mind, because immediately someone knocked on the door and Mrs. Canfield, the inn's boss, came in and asked my permission to change rooms. The hotel being full, she had given me her room.

When she left, I noticed a disturbing phenomenon: I couldn't see normally anymore! I tried to read Amiel again, but I couldn't distinguish the words anymore. I could see the shadows of furniture and tapestries, but I could no longer see my face in the mirror! The disturbing phenomenon persisted all day long, and while I was sitting at the table, I couldn't read the menu! Finally, when I had finished eating, my life became normal again."


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