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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Morel describes the owner of a book given by Emile Boirac



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

Circumstances and conditions.

On-March 13th, 1915, M. Emile Boirac, Rector of the Academy of Dijon, asked me in course of conversation to give him an instance of Mme Morel’s metagnomic output. I said, "The best example would be an impromptu experiment. Have you anything belonging to a person known to you well enough to enable you to judge of what she may say? " Boirac took some papers from his pocket, hesitated in his choice, and finally handed to me a little manual of Esperanto.

Detail of the seance.

In absolute ignorance of the-person whose book this might be, I put it into the hands of Mme Morel hypnotized, asking her to speak of the life of the person to whom it belonged. She-said,

 "A young man appears to me, tall and rather slight. There is nothing very characteristic in his appearance but his eyes, which are not like those of other people. There is nothing wrong with them, but their form is peculiar.

I see this young man for a long while in a place where there is no danger . ._ . he was there with many other men. . . . then one day, one morning, he departs with others . . . a long march . . . he then goes in a train. I see him a little later with others-in a kind of hole . . . he is standing .up with shining eyes.. . . I hear much noise. . . . I see fury in his brain ; he goes up. . . What a noise I hear! He feels a blow and falls . . gets up  receives another blow, and falls afresh with others on a road . . . on one side I see grass and cultivated land, on the other side grey mud. –

 He is wounded in the throat and head by a piece of iron. . . . I see a hole on one side . . . he is in pain . he remains long on the ground. . . . I see him white and pale-. . then there is quiet  . . there are men there who take him up-gently .

He is tall and heavy . . then they wrap him up . he moves-a little . they take him away in a kind of carriage with other wounded men . there is confusion . . . a man bends over him and takes some papers and something round and hard . . they are keeping this wounded man as a prisoner . . he still lives . then everything is blurred. . . I no longer hear his breath I see no more.

He is not far from the place where he fell....

His body will be found... it is near a church.

I see vaults near him . . . like a quarry. . To right and left there are woods. One can walk under these stones, they are as it were vaults. . . . To find him one must go towards the frontage of the church, going up the road nearly facing the church, and looking in the wood . there are  many there he is there. There is no stream there; the earth is dry."


On March 15th I sent M. Boirac the account above. On the 24th he wrote to me:

 "The little manual of Esperanto that I gave you was taken from the civilian clothing left at my house by the son of one of my friends. The young man was afterwards a second lieutenant in the 27th Regiment, killed or missing on December 12th in a trench attack at the Bois-Brule.

G. M. was aged twenty-five or twenty-six, tall, slight, face rather long, and his eyelids had a slight fold, like the Chinese, serious and quiet expression. . As far as is known he was wounded leading the attack, but continued at the head of his men, then fell at the edge of the German trench which is still in the hands of the enemy.

The first wound seems to have been in the shoulder, the second in the head. The body is supposed to have been taken up by the Germans and buried by them, but there is no certainty. He was returned as ' missing.'

The vision is therefore correct, with some particulars that cannot be ascertained.

I can state that the little book was touched by G. M. some months before the scene to which it gave rise. It had remained with M. Boirac while this young man passed through the last stages of his life.

The source of the experience

Boirac, Professor Émile

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