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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Jean Peyroutet prophesies the visit of a dog



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

After the facts had enlightened me on the quality and mode of the faculty possessed by Mme Jeanne Peyroutet , I continued-to test this in a long series of experiments. Besides those instituted for several purposes I caused her to predict the sequences of my own life in seances held at such short intervals that no important event would be omitted if her faculty were really capable of passing nothing by unannounced. At the time of writing these lines the trials have covered ten months, and during this period all events, however small, have been predicted : and by "small events" I do not mean the acts and occurrences that are repeated daily, but those which diversify the uniformity of a life-a letter producing unusual pleasure or annoyance, the visit of a friend not seen for a long while, a little unexpected trip, a little plan given up or changed, etc. I here give some of these predictions and their realization,

November 26th, 1920. "I see the Ietter 'L' There is someone in your family whose name begins with L, who at the present moment is on a Journey.

"He is on the sea. I see him at sea. He brings you something. . . . It is rather bright, it is curious, there are different sorts. He will say, ‘I wished to bring you something else but could not find anything. 'He will have thought about it. Oh, he has just reached France ! the  journey is past.
You are going to change your house; L. also: both changes are nearly at the same time."


On November 26th my brother-in-law, M. Lucien G., disembarked from Morocco, where he had been for five months, intending to stay three years. . . .

During the days following his return he distributed in his family leather cushions of native work of several kinds, some of them covered with bright ornaments.
He said “These are not what I thought to bring you. I intended to go to  Marrakesh, but my hurried departure prevented my doing so.”

  On the 25th of January we moved from the country to Paris.   M. Lucien G changed from Paris to  the country.


November 30th. "Your two sons who are at school will go for the  Christmas holidays into the country,  near you. One of them will have no luck, he will pass his vacation lying down. . . . It will not be serious. "

  At that time I thought to be in  Paris before Christmas, but circumstances prevented this.

  My two sons came for their  holidays to Cher, and arrived in good health.

December 24th. Both were strong boys and had never been ill.  On the 26th the elder said that hisleg hurt him. A boil developed, and was at once attended to. On the 27th it had become a large carbuncle. On the 28th it was surrounded by lymphangitis, and on the 29th a painful subcutaneous swelling made an incision under anaesthetic necessary. The boy passed his holidays lying down.


December 2nd. "You will soon have a dog."


I had not had a dog for fifteen years. Nothing seemed more unlikely than that I should get a dog just when I was intending to live in Paris.


March 31st. "Have you not got the dog yet? You will soon have one." 




April 11th During cold rain a  passer by rang the bell, and said    "You should take in your little dog, which is shivering with cold in the garden. It is sad to see." The parlourmaid went into the garden, and saw there a little black terrier, which had come into the garden through the palings. Her collar bore the words: " Burnel.  Camp Boismont." We took in the little animal, meaning to inform its  master, but no one could say where Boismont Camp might be. The children begged that the little creature should be adopted. I allowed this after a good deal of resistance.


April 14th. "There is something  new in your house; have you a lodger? I should be surprised if it is not an animal-a dog. There is a  secret about it . . . it has not been given, nor bought. One would say  that it has been found. It is happy  with you. I say' a dog,' but it is a bitch ! She is delicate and affectionate. Don't let her go out. You don't know her name. You should call her Finette.'


The little dog received her meta-psychic baptism the same evening,  and was called Finette. Not answering to any other of the names  we tried, she responded to that one   readily.

  Was that her name ?


April 24th. 'Why! Your little dog is ill, very ill."


Since the 22nd the little animal had lost appetite and showed symptoms of enteritis.


May 2nd. "The little dog is much better."


Finette seemed quite cured.


May 13th. "Surely the dog has not been stolen? I don't see her any more. I think the poor little thing has been stolen."


  On May 11th Finette went out  as usual through the backdoor set  ajar for her. She was never seen again.



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Osty, Dr Eugene

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