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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mlle de Berly prophesies the acquisition of a new home



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 Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

On January 10th, 1922, Mrs. M- visited Mlle de Berly, who said to her among other things, as follows

 "You will very shortly get the flat that you have been vainly looking for and despair of finding. You will not even have to seek it, it will be offered to you. You will be pleased when you see it. It is a small flat, very white, very clean, very bright . . . very white; that specially strikes me. . There is no house fronting it . . one sees trees, there is plenty of light....

The people who live there have a stroke of luck a letter comes to them from a foreign country, far away . . the envelope has five seals . they are offered a brilliant situation over there . . . that will decide them to go . . they will have money to gain and business to do much money will pass into their hands . . . they will become very rich . . . they will remain over there for some time . . their mother is there, she is ill. .

You do not know these people, but this will come to pass through persons that you know, who will tell you, 'Take that flat; it is just what you want.' And I see they will leave some little things in it."


Mrs. M-, an American teacher of singing, who had been in Paris for some months, had sought in vain for a flat, and despaired at finding one. Her mind necessarily contained nothing relative to the prediction. Mlle de Berly knew that Mrs. M- was seeking a flat, but necessarily could know nothing normally of the facts predicted.

What came to pass.

M. and Mme S-, living in the Rue Lafontaine (Paris), unknown to Mrs. M- and to Mlle de Berly, received on February 25th, 1922, a letter from Mexico, in which their father-in-law, M. d'Y-, the owner of immense properties, proposed to his son-in-law the general direction of these properties under such favourable terms that no hesitation was possible.

Mme S- announced their intended departure to her friend, M. Helene C-. This lady, to whom Mrs. M- had been introduced, interested herself in the trials of a foreigner to gain remunerative work and thought at once that this flat would exactly suit Mrs. M-, and asked Mme S-- to reserve it for her.

Mrs. M-- visited the flat found it exactly to her taste and took possession May 20th. M. and Mme S- embarked for Mexico on the 30th.

All Mlle de Berly's premonitions were exactly verified.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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