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I had an OBE when i was 16, I was knitting and staring at my knitting for about an hour thinking of nothing but my stitches, my mother was in the room knitting also and all was quiet except for the ticking of the clock - slowly and without realising it I was being drawn out of the top of my head like smoke rising from a burning ember until I reached the ceiling and couldnt go any higher - my body curled up just as smoke would do and rested on the ceiling - I looked down on to the top of my head and saw I was still knitting, I could see all around the room from flat on the ceiling, I thought it was amazing and wasnt scared but started to question in my mind what was happening - as soon as i did this it was as if i had broken a spell and i was being suckedback into my body through my head from where I came out just like someone sucking in smoke I was backin my body - still knitting. I remember being dissappointed and trying to do it again. It was 50 years ago now and it never happened again - but i have never forgotton it.

jolieblack jolieblack 61-65 Jun 14, 2012

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