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Nobuyuki Tsujii - Whisper of the river



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川のささやき Whisper of the River

"I believe that he wrote this song based on the memory of walking along a small river in his town when he was little. His father used to walk with him to the river, explaining what the river looked like. The river is actually nothing special (people say), but Nobu wrote this beautiful song out of it. May God bless him and also his father.. who must have tried every day on every occasioon to be the eyes of his son.."


In June 2011, Japanese figure skating champion Midori Ito performed in a world event (Master Elite Oberstdorf 2011) to the music of "Whisper of the River," composed by Tsujii when he was in high school to express his love for his father after the two took a walk on the Kanda River in Tokyo.

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Tsujii, Nobuyuki

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