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Night terror out of body



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Out of body

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The post comes from a website that helps people with odd problems this post was on the section  http://www.wisegeek.org/what-are-hypnagogic-hallucinations.htm

The clue here is the jerking sensation – this is an out of body experience in the making

A description of the experience

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I am 16, so I'm also not sure if I'm still in the category as a "child", although I'm sure I am.

I only have these sensations occasionally, and they are always intense.

 Never knew it was an issue, but I don't have much of a problem with these hallucinations because they are bearable, and I also have vivid and terrifying dreams.

I thought that it was normal to have the falling sensations and jerk yourself awake, and that happened to me more often before becoming a teenager.

At one point it was so intense it woke me up and had me crying. I've had the same experiences with the voices after waking up in the night, and responded to them. And I'm not sure if I do have these specific hallucinations or not, because what happens to me is while my eyes are closed, before I am asleep.

I get extremely vivid images, for the most part they are disturbing, and occasionally accompanied with a physical sensation, pressure or pain.

What I find would be interesting to find out, though, is if these hallucinations can follow into sleep. I've been woken by loud crashes that were only in my brain, but would that only be classified as dreaming?

 o I have experienced each category of these hallucinations, just after my eyes are closed, which makes me question if it is the same thing or not.

Because these experiences and sensations have not affected my life in any way, I'm not worried about them, I simply find the technicalities interesting, as well as reading other peoples' personal experiences with their hallucinations.

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