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Neiye - Verse 17



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Extract from the  Guanzi (管子) : THE INNER ENTERPRISE (Neiye內業) - translation by Robert Eno

The Dao of eating:
gorging is harmful, the form will not be fine;
fasts of abstinence make the bones brittle and the blood run dry.
The mean between gorging and abstinence is the harmonious perfection:
the place where the essence dwells and wisdom is born.

If hunger or satiety lose their proper measures,
attend to this.
If you have eaten too much, move about rapidly.
If you are famished, make broader plans.

If you are old, plan in advance.
If you have eaten too much and do not move about rapidly, your qi
will not flow through your limbs.
If you are famished and do not make broader plans,
your hunger will not be alleviated.

If you are old and do not plan in advance,
then when you are in straits you will be quickly exhausted.

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