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Mikhailova, Nelya - Experiments with Dr. Zdenek Rejdak



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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain -  Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

Dr. Rejdak has tested Mikhailova personally and reported the tests in Czech Pravda.

"I visited the Mikhailova [Kulagin] family the evening of February 26, 1968. Mr. Blazek, an editor friend was with me, also a physician, Dr.J. S. Zverev, and Dr. Sergeyev. Her husband, an engineer, was also present. Dr. Zverev gave Mrs. Mikhailova a very thorough physical examination. Tests with special instruments failed to show any indication whatever of magnets or any other concealed object.

"We checked the table thoroughly and also asked Mrs. Mikhailova frequently to change position at the table. We passed a compass around her body and the chair and table with negative results.

I asked her to wash her hands. After concentrating, she turned the compass needle more than ten times, then the entire compass and its case, a matchbox and some twenty matches at once. I placed a cigarette in front of her. She moved that too at a glance. I shredded it afterward and there was nothing inside it. In between each set of tests, she was again physically examined by the doctor.

"I placed my gold ring on the table. It moved faster than all the other objects. I was told that whatever this energy is, it affects gold more than any other material. The gold ring she made move was taken by me from my finger and put on the table. She passed her hands over it and the ring moved toward her. Threads or other attachments were out of the question.

"The matches and matchbox belonged to us and Mrs. Mikhailova had no chance to prepare them. We asked her to make the matches move not only toward her but also away from her. We also asked her to move only one match specified by us from the whole group of matches." According to Dr. Rejdak, she did so.

"Later we put two compasses before her and asked her to move only one of them." She did. Her PK energy can be directed by her will, Rejdak says.

"I chose some glass and china objects from the buffet and put them on the table. I took cups, small plates, a glass saltcellar from the cupboard myself. They were selected by myself and she had no opportunity to prepare them. They weighed about eight ounces each. Mrs. Mikhailova made them move as well. On request, she would induce motion in the objects while they were on a chair or on the floor. Fraud was impossible as she was sitting in a fully illuminated room controlled by Dr. Zverev, Dr. Sergeyev, Mr. Blazek, and myself."

Dr. Rejdak told us, "We did another curious test. We filled a glass bowl full of cigarette smoke and placed it upside down in front of her. At a distance, she could cut the mass of smoke in half as if it were a solid substance.

"After doing these tests, Mrs. Mikhailova was utterly exhausted.  There was almost no pulse. She could scarcely move and her face was pale and drawn. She'd lost close to four pounds in half an hour. According to Dr. Zverev's report, the EEG showed intense emotional excitement. Her heart action was arrhythmic. There was high blood sugar, and the endocrine system was disturbed. Her whole organism was weakened as if from a tremendous stress reaction. She had lost the sensation of taste, had pains in her arms and legs, couldn't coordinate, and felt dizzy. Later she reported her sleep was disturbed."

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Mikhailova, Nelya

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