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Marilyn Walker - On healing using singing, drumming, and dancing



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Arctic Anthropol. 2003;40(2):40-8.

Music as knowledge in Shamanism and other healing traditions of Siberia.

Walker M.

Marilyn Walker has had the good fortune to work with healers in Siberia. Although academic in approach, Marilyn’ recognizes the importance of experiential ways of knowing.

In her Quebec City presentation, she shared some of this experiential dimension by showing and commenting on videotaped segments featuring three Siberian healers.

Walker’s paper discusses healing at several levels. In addition to several healing dimensions that she lists at the end of her paper, she mentions the physiological effects of music, dance, and drumming.

Current research is leading to a better understanding of how trauma affects the brain and the body, and ways that various therapies, including new therapies focusing on sensorimotor effects, can promote healing. Along with these developments has come a greater appreciation and understanding among some mental health practitioners of some of the neuropsychological processes by which traditional practices such as narrative, singing, drumming, and dancing, may bring about healing.

PMID:  21774142

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