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Louis Cremiere, the astronomer sees his dead wife



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Death and its Mystery – After Death – Camille Flammarian

One of the oldest and, most venerable members of the Astronomical Society of France, Monsieur Louis Cremiere, wrote me from Bordeaux, on March 30, 1899:

I am one of the twelve members of long standing whom you mentioned last May in your speech at the General Assembly; your books are my constant companions. Three years ago I lost a wife who had made me happy for fifty-five years. Since my misfortune I have been living in her room, surrounded by all the things which remind me of her.

One evening last winter I was reading; the room was lighted by an oil lamp, with a white paper shade, which allowed a softened light to illuminate all the objects about.

Suddenly, by the lateral vision well known to astronomers, I saw my dear wife in the corner that was least brightly lighted. It was a curious thing that when I looked at the vision directly, it disappeared, to my great unhappiness. I made this experiment three times. What explanation can there be?

(Letter 350.)

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