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Linga Purana - End of Kali Yuga



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Linga Purana – End of Kali Yuga

During the period of twilight that ends the Yuga, the dispenser of justice will come and kill the wicked people. He will be born of the moon's dynasty. His name is War (Samiti). He will wander all over the earth with a great army.  He will destroy the Mleccha (the barbarians of the West) by the thousands. He will destroy the people of low caste who seized regal power and will exterminate the false philosophers, criminals, and people of mixed blood. He will start his campaign in his thirty-second year and will continue for twenty years. He will kill millions of men; the earth will be razed.

People will kill each other furiously. At the end, groups of people remaining here and there will murder each other in order to steal from each other. Troubled and confused, they will leave their wives and homes.

They will be without education, laws, shame, love. They will abandon their fields to migrate across the borders of their countries.  They will live on wine, meat, roots, and fruit. They will be clothed in bark, leaves, and animal skins. They will no longer use money.

They will be hungry and sick and will know despair. It is then that some will start to ponder over fundamental values.

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