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Kum-Hwa Kim – Riding the blades in Sidney, Australia July 1994



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Korean Shamanism – The Cultural Paradox – Dr Chongho Kim

Kim was a big success in Sydney, too. I had the opportunity to observe her at the Museum of Contemporary Art on 12 July 1994 in the company of over 70 Australians waiting with great curiosity for her performance of a Korean shamanic ritual. When she climbed up on to knife blades and danced, the audiences held their breath. At the end of the performance they participated by hand-clapping and dancing. The Sydney audiences were so interested that most of them remained after the performance in order to learn Korean shaman dance and song from her. The pamphlet provided by the Museum introduced her as 'Most Famous Korean National Living Treasure for over 47 years'

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Kum-Hwa Kim

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