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Khristophorous Gallowglaich - A dream of holding hands



Type of Spiritual Experience


This is one of a series of very powerful experiences Khristophorous has had

A description of the experience

What I wanted to send through was something I noted down at the time and have since underlined. I keep a "Dream Notebook" which I try to fill out as much as possible each time on waking. Do not always.

A lot of this, frankly, gobblydegook looking back but some is key. Since I think professionals will tell you that dreams are a form of memory processing there seems to be an awful lot of "Important Information" mashed and mixed up with past events, people, current events and thoughts/feelings.

There is an awful lot written down about dream interpretation.

I think dreams are important, since I believe when we sleep we are closer to the dual spirit part of us that exists within that other quantum level dimension. It is as though the energy required to "run" the bodily operating part is more concentrated on getting the spirit part working as best it can.

Any road up as they say in Yorkshire, I made a note to write this one down for you on 19th May (I have weird waking and sleeping hours these days). the underlined part is that I marked up:

Tuesday 19th May 2015

Awake 04:25

Dream in which holding hands. Urge to force oneself to wake up resisted. Strong reaction actually inside dream (neurological) >> Psephological tautology.
Will supply to "BS". Why not?
First time dreamt of the reaction whilst dreaming. "SPIRIT" - sub-atomic (quantum) energy which acts as a hugely capacitative carrier which is utterly non-material and thus outside space-time continuum - tres interessant.

This is exactly as written at that moment. Interesting stuff perhaps. better than some of the rubbish I scribble down. I must have about 6 books for the last 5 years. It was one thing that was impressed upon me to to by whoever and whatever is doing all the pressing!

I have no idea whatsoever why I wrote down Psephological tautology. Have just Googled it and this came up which is curious. happens a lot these days:  

examples of tautology

Sound and fury

Hendiadys (pronounced /hɛnˈdaɪ.ədɨs/, a Latinized form of the Greek phrase ἓν διὰ δυοῖν, hèn dià duoîn, “one through two”) is a figure of speech used for emphasis, and is defined as the substitution of a conjunction for a subordination. The basic idea is to use two words linked by a conjunction (e.g. and) to express a single, complex idea.

The sense of holding hands with someone/thing indistinct inside the dream was VERY powerful indeed, but not at all frightening.

The source of the experience

Gallowglaich, Khristophorous

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