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I saw the patient himself, who had just died, looking at his own corpse with an expression of great astonishment



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Number of hallucinations: 1


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Sarah Underwood - Automatic or Spirit Writing (page 302),

Also quoted in Professor Ernest Bozzano Les phénomènes de bilocation Traduit de l’italien par Gabriel Gobron and translated further into English by Serge Patlavskiy]

The account of a medical doctor:

"Several months ago a gentleman whom I did not know was transported to my clinic and who was in such a serious situation that there was no room for hope. He languished for two days, then came to his death while I was at his bedside, sorry for not being able to do anything for him.

As I saw that he only had a few minutes left to live, I was thinking about how I would notify the family, when all of a sudden I was aware of a "presence" by my side.

Turning around I remained as if struck by lightning when I saw the patient himself, who had just died. This spiritual form seemed to have no awareness of my presence and looked at its own corpse with an expression of great astonishment mixed with terror.

I too stopped looking at that stiff corpse, and when I turned around, the shape had disappeared. But I was convinced that I had witnessed the departure of a soul."

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