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Hencher, Alan – Predicts the crash of a Caravelle jetliner from Malaga in southern Spain



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Premonitions: A leap in to the future – Herbert Greenhouse [1971]

In another vision, Hencher not only saw the climax of a disaster but observed the sequence of events that led up to it. In this vision the psychic himself played a role. Late in October, 1967, Hencher dreamed he was sitting in a plane with four very young girls. The dream-plane took off from Spain, soared over a mountain, then ran into a storm as it flew over England. One engine exploded and one wing of the plane crashed into a hill. There was a heavy death toll.

Hencher felt that this accident would occur about the beginning of November, two weeks after he reported his dream to Dr. Barker and the British Premonitions Bureau.

On November 4, a Caravelle jetliner left the resort town of Malaga in southern Spain and headed for England.

During a rainstorm the plane crashed into a hillside in Surrey, forty miles southwest of London, and thirty-seven persons were killed, including two little girls.

An interesting aspect of Hencher's vision was his link with the little girls. As in the Aberfan tragedy, small children, perhaps because they are generally open in their emotions, seem to penetrate the psyche of sensitive adults.

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Hencher, Alan

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