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Girard, Jean-Pierre - Quantitative evidence for paranormal permanent softening without bending



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Crussard and Bouvaist have obtained the first quantitative evidence for paranormal permanent softening. No bending took place, but the specimen (similar to the previously described one) showed permanent local softening.

The aluminium alloy used was again AU4SG. The mean hardness of the particular specimen was 167 VPN; after exposure to Jean-Pierre Girard two soft regions of more than a centimetre in length appeared; in the first region the hardness tapered gradually with distance to 90 VPN, but in the second the fall to 80 VPN occurred as a sharp boundary.

Electron micrographs of the first region showed a spotty appearance typical of precipitation in this alloy. Small regions of a stable structure were precipitated from a matrix of metastable structure. This type of behaviour is typical of the alloy after heating to and cooling from 625°. But no heat was applied or observed.

The appearance under the electron microscope of the second region was unexpected. At low magnification the grains stood out against dark intergrain films, which are characteristic of thin regions of liquid. This appearance is typical of a metal heated to near the melting-point and slowly cooled. It is typical of a metal that has experienced quasi-viscous creep.

Of course there is no question that the real temperature of the entire specimen could have reached these high values. However, on a microscopic scale, violent events are indicated by these micrographs.

It is in the regions of grain boundaries, and only in these regions, that we have to postulate the rearrangement of atoms. Very few atoms need be involved; only those which form layers of liquid in the normal process known as ‘quasi-viscous creep’. We still suppose that the primary event brought about by the psychic action is the local movement of atoms, or perhaps of energy. We are reminded of the ‘Maxwell demon’, an imagined agency for removing cool atoms so that a temperature rise could take place.

Another branch of the work undertaken by Dr Crussard and his collaborators has been the study of regions of magnetization produced apparently paranormally in non-magnetic stainless steels. Austenitic-martensitic transformations have been brought about by Girard. This field of study is highly specialist, and I shall not discuss it in detail; it falls under the heading of structural changes brought about by paranormal means.


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Girard, Jean Pierre

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