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Gambier Bolton, Robert – Ghosts in Solid Form – Experiment 06 Test with a non trance Sensitive, resulting in a materialisation of a man who played the harmonium



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Place — the Psychological Society London.

Sensitive , male aged about 50.

This Sensitive would not sit apart from the circle formed by the Sitters, but insisted on sitting amongst them, two of them holding his hands firmly with their own during the whole time that we were experimenting with him. He did not pass into a state of trance, but was perfectly normal during the experiment, and when a materialised form appeared he would speak to the entity inhabiting the form as it moved about the room, and the entity would reply in a clear voice, which was distinctly audible, not only to the fourteen or sixteen Sitters in the room, but to two observers who were stationed outside the door of the room, whose notes made at the time, proved conclusively that we were none of us hallucinated during the experiment.

On the occasion to which I now refer, the organist was absent owing to illness, so the harmonium was closed, and a circle of Sitters was formed at a distance of twenty feet away from the instrument; and there the Sensitive sat, firmly held by the two officials in charge of him for that night — the president and vice-president of the society.

In about ten minutes a tall and slim man appeared in our midst, who, after passing mysteriously either through or over the circle formed by the Sitters, walked slowly to the harmonium, raised the cover, and pushed it back. He then seated himself on the music-stool, and, drawing out some of the stops, played half a dozen perfectly harmonious chords upon the instrument, using both hands, and apparently working the pedals with both feet.

The music was distinctly heard, not only by the fourteen Sitters present in the room, but also by the two observers stationed outside the room; the Sensitive being held securely during the whole time that the experiment lasted, at a distance of nearly twenty feet away from the entity seated upon the music-stool

Half an hour later, one of the entities suggested that a little music would help to make the conditions better. So I left my seat, went to the harmonium, and was in the act of playing a voluntary, when the Sensitive, nearly twenty feet away, said, "Look behind you, please." I turned my head, and there, almost touching me, stood the same tall and slender figure of a man; and, gazing closely into his face, I at once perceived that his features were of a distinctly different type to those of the Sensitive, whilst his height exceeded that of the Sensitive by nearly three inches. He said, "We thank you, friend, for your kind help: the vibrations given off by this instrument are of very great assistance to us during these delicate experiments.''

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Gambier Bolton, Robert

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