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Gambier Bolton, Robert – Ghosts in Solid Form – Experiment 01 Test with Sensitive A , a nearly blind man



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The tests given to me and to my fellow- investigators through the six Sensitives who so ably assisted us during our seven years of experimental work in this little-known field of research —have been so numerous, and were of such a varied character, that I find it somewhat difficult to know which to select out of the hundreds which were recorded in our books officially and elsewhere, the ones which will prove of the greatest interest to inquirers ; but I have made extracts from ten of these records, and these …. will, in my opinion, be sufficient to prove that we who have witnessed these marvels, are neither hallucinated, insane, nor liars when we solemnly affirm that we have both seen and handled the materialised bodies built up for temporary use by entities from another sphere: all the statements made here being true in every detail, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

A description of the experience


Place — Lyndhurst, New Forest, Hampshire.

Sensitive A, male, aged about 46.

As an example of a simple but exceedingly severe test, I would first record one given to me and a fellow-investigator on the outskirts of the New Forest ; one for which no special preparation of any kind whatever had been made.

The Sensitive, a nearly blind man, was taken by us on a dark night to a spot totally unknown to him, as he had only just arrived from London by train, and was led into a large travelling caravan, one which he had never been near before, as it had only recently left the builder's hands.

During the day I had made a critical examination of the interior of the caravan, and had satisfied myself that no one was or could possibly be concealed in it. I then locked the door, and kept the key in my pocket until the moment when, on the arrival of the Sensitive, I unlocked the door and we all passed into the caravan together.

I then locked and bolted the door behind us.

As I have already said, no preparation of any kind had been made for the experiment. It was merely the result of a desire to see if anything could be produced, through this Sensitive, under extremely difficult conditions — conditions which we considered as so utterly bad as to make failure a certainty.

We did not even possess a chair of any kind for the Sensitive or ourselves to sit upon, so we placed for his use a board on top of the iron cooking-range which was fixed in the kitchen- portion of the caravan, whilst we sat upon the two couches which were used as beds in the living-portion of the caravan. There was no music, no powerful " human battery " in the shape of a number of picked Sitters ; in fact, the conditions were just about as bad as they could possibly be, and yet, within ten minutes of my locking the door behind us, the figure of a tall man stood before us, a man so tall that he was compelled to bow his head as he passed under the six-foot (high) partition which separated the two sections of the caravan.

He said, " I am Colonel XX who was ‘ killed,' as you say, at the battle of NN in Egypt. For many years during my earth-life I was deeply interested in materialisations, and spent the last night of my life in England experimenting with this very Sensitive ; and it is a great pleasure to me to be able to return to you — strangers though you both are to me — through him.

To prove to you that I am not the Sensitive masquerading before you, will you please come here and stand close to me, and so settle the matter for yourself? "

I at once rose and stood beside him, almost touching him. I then discovered that not only were his features and his colouring totally different to those of the Sensitive, but that he towered above me, standing, as nearly as I could judge, six foot two or three inches, and was certainly four inches taller than either the Sensitive or myself.

Whilst thus standing beside him, and at a distance of about eight feet from the Sensitive, we could both hear the unfortunate man moving uneasily on his hard seat on the kitchen- range, sighing and moaning as if in pain.

The entity remained with us for about three minutes.

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Gambier Bolton, Robert

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