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Emile Desbeaux and Léon Hennique – Experiments in thought transference at a distance



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Hector DURVILLE Psychic Actions at a distance - Four personal observations (Written around 1915)

- In 1891, two men of letters -  Emile Desbeaux, who was director of the Théâtre de l'Odéon (Odeon Theater) and Léon Hennique, carried out experiments in the transmission of thought from Paris to Ribemont (Aisne), which yielded astonishing results.

The observer from Paris focused his thoughts on a simple object in front of him, and the other, in Ribemont, sought to perceive what this object was, to describe it and to represent it through drawing. The drawings that have been published, although very imperfect, give a very good idea of the objects.

This is clear evidence that the thought of the first was actually transmitted to the second; and even that this transmission gave rise to the formation of a mental image, a true creation of the sending brain, since it was perceived by the receiving brain.

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Desbeaux, Émile

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