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Dr Duke's list of Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Mentha pulegium L. (Lamiaceae) -- European Pennyroyal



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Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Mentha pulegium L. (Lamiaceae) -- European Pennyroyal


(+)-CAMPHENE Plant 106 - 212 ppm

No activity reported.

(+)-ISOISOPULEGONE Plant 22 - 76 ppm

No activity reported.

(+)-ISOMENTHONE Plant 521 - 4,140 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

(+)-LIMONENE Plant 10 - 290 ppm

No activity reported.

(+)-MENTHOL Plant 1,624 - 3,248 ppm

Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=2 mM

(+)-MENTHONE Plant 680 - 1,360 ppm

No activity reported.

(+)-NEOISOMENTHOL Plant 65 - 1,150 ppm

No activity reported.

(+)-NEOMENTHOL Plant 1 - 604 ppm

No activity reported.

(+)-OCTAN-3-OL Plant 149 - 416 ppm

No activity reported.

(+)-PULEGONE Plant 19,400 ppm;

Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=0.9 mM IC50=136 ug/ml; Irritant ZEB; Perfumery


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

1,8-CINEOLE Plant 20 ppm;

(-)-Chronotropic 87 nl/ml; (-)-Inotropic; Acaricide LC100=6 uM; Allelopathic; Allergenic; Anesthetic; Anthelmintic; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=41 ug/ml; Antiallergic; Antibacterial 50 ppm; Antibronchitic; Anticariogenic; Anticatarrh; Anticholinesterase IC50=50-70; Antifatigue; Antihalitosic; Antiinflammatory; Antilaryngitic; Antinociceptive; Antipharyngitic; Antiplaque; Antirheumatic; Antirhinitic; Antiseptic; Antisinusitic; Antispasmodic; Antistaphylococcic 50 ppm; Antitussive; Antiulcer; Candidicide; Carcinogenic; Choleretic; CNS-Stimulant; Convulsant; Counterirritant; Cytochrome-P450-Inducer; Decongestant; Degranulant 0.3 ul/ml; Dentifrice; Edemagenic inj; Expectorant; FLavor FEMA 1-200; Fungicide; Gastroprotective; Gram(+)icide; Gram(-)icide; Hepatotonic; Herbicide IC50=78 uM; Hypotensive; Inflammatory inj; Insectifuge; Irritant; Myorelaxant; Nematicide; Neurotoxic; P450-Inducer; Pediculicide 2.3 x pyrethrin; Perfume; Pesticide; Rubefacient; Secretogogue; Sedative; Spasmogenic; Surfactant; Testosterone-Hydroxylase-Inducer; Transdermal; Trichomonicide LD100=1,000 ug/ml

1-METHYL-CYCLOHEX-1-EN-3-ONE Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

1-METHYL-CYCLOHEX-1-ONE Essential Oil:

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

1-METHYL-CYCLOHEXAN-3-ONE Essential Oil 80 - 160 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

3-METHYL-CYCLOHEXANONE Plant 70 - 140 ppm

No activity reported.

3-OCTYL-ACETATE Plant 10 - 80 ppm

No activity reported.

ACETIC-ACID Essential Oil:

Acidulant; Antibacterial 5,000 ppm; Antiotitic; Antisalmonella; Antivaginitic 1-2%; Expectorant; Fungicide; Keratitigenic; Mucolytic; Osteolytic; Perfumery FEMA 6,000-40,000 ppm; Pesticide; Protisticide; Spermicide; Ulcerogenic; Verrucolytic

ALPHA-HUMULENE Plant 70 - 140 ppm

Antitumor; Perfumery

ALPHA-PHELLANDRENE Plant 30 - 60 ppm

Antibacterial; Antistaphylococcic; Dermal; Emetic; FLavor FEMA 10-130; Fungicide; Insectiphile; Irritant; Laxative; Perfumery; Pesticide

ALPHA-PINENE Plant 20 - 520 ppm

Allelochemic; Allergenic; Antiacne; Antibacterial; Antifeedant; Antiflu; Antiinflammatory 500 mg/kg; Antipneumonic; Antiseptic; Antispasmodic; Antistaphylococcic; Antiviral; Cancer-Preventive; Coleoptophile; Expectorant; FLavor FEMA 15-150; Herbicide IC50=30 uM; Insecticide 0.82 uM/fly; Insectifuge 50 ppm; Insectiphile; Irritant; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=0.087 uM; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sedative; Spasmogenic; Tranquilizer; Transdermal


Acaricide; ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml (weak activity); Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=1.0 mM; Antinitrosaminic; Antispasmodic; FLavor FEMA 1-40; Insecticide 0.86 uM/fly; Insectifuge; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=0.76 uM; Perfumery; Pesticide; Spasmogenic

ALPHA-TERPINEOL Plant 70 - 140 ppm

ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml (weak activity); Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml; Allelopathic; Antiacne; Antibacterial MIC=800-1,600 ug/ml; Anticancer; Anticariogenic; Antiinflammatory; Antiproliferant; Antiseptic; Cicatrizant ED50=240 ug/g mus; FLavor FEMA 5-40; Insecticide 1.29 uM/fly; Interleukin-6-Inhibitor; Mosquitofuge > Deet; Motor-Depressant; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sedative; Termiticide IC100=5 mg/g; Transdermal; Vulnerary ED50=240 ug/g mus

ALUMINUM Plant 1,850 ppm;

Antisilicotic; Antivaginitic; Candidicide; Encephalopathic; Pesticide


Antiseptic; Cancer-Preventive; Pesticide

ASH Plant 73,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

BETA-BOURBONENE Plant 15 - 30 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

BETA-FENCHENE Plant 1 - 6 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

BETA-PHELLANDRENE Plant 3 - 400 ppm

Expectorant; Fungicide; Perfumery

BETA-PINENE Plant 20 - 288 ppm

Allergenic; Antiinflammatory; Antiseptic; Antispasmodic; Candidicide; FLavor FEMA 15-600; Herbicide; Insectifuge; Irritant; Perfumery; Pesticide; Spasmogenic; Transdermal

BUTYRIC-ACID Essential Oil:

Anticancer; Antitumor; Apoptotic; Bruchifuge; Nematistat 880 ug/ml; Pesticide

CADINENE Plant 87 - 174 ppm

Antifeedant; FLavor FEMA 400-4,000; Perfumery; Pesticide

CALCIUM Plant 9,440 - 16,870 ppm

Antiallergic 500 mg/day; Antianxiety; Antiarrhythmic 500-1,500 mg; Antiarthritic 1,000 mg/day; Antiatherosclerotic 500 mg/day; Anticlimacteric 1,000-1,500 mg/day; Antidepressant; Antidote (Aluminum); Antidote (Lead); Antihyperkinetic; Antihypertensive; Antiinsomniac; Antimenopausal; Antiobesity; Antiosteoporotic 500-2,000 mg/day; Antiperiodontitic 750 mg/day; AntiPMS 1 g/day; Antirheumatic 1,000 mg/day; Antistress 500-1,500 mg/day; Antitic; Anxiolytic; Calcium-Channel-Blocker; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic 500 mg/day; Hypotensive 1 g/day; Laxative 1,000-1,200 mg; Tranquilizer 500-1,500 mg/day; Vasodilator

CAMPHENE Plant 1 - 70 ppm

Allelopathic; Antilithic?; Antioxidant; Expectorant; FLavor FEMA 15-175; Hypocholesterolemic?; Insectifuge; Pesticide; Spasmogenic

CARVACROL Plant 100 - 400 ppm

Allergenic; Anesthetic; Anthelmintic; Antialzheimeran?; Antiatherosclerotic IC50=5.53 uM; Antibacterial MIC 170-290 MIC=39-625; Anticholinesterase?; Antidiuretic; Antiinflammatory IC50=4 uM; Antimelanomic IC50=120 uM/l; Antioxidant; Antioxidant (LDL) IC50=5.53 uM; Antiplaque MIC=39-625 ug/ml; Antiprostaglandin; Antiradicular 600 x thymol; Antiseptic 1.5 x phenol; Antispasmodic; Antistaphylococcic; Antistreptococcic; Antitussive; Candidicide 100-150 ug/ml MIC<0.1 ug/ml; Carminative; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor =indomethacin; Enterorelaxant; Expectorant; FLavor FEMA 10-125; Fungicide; Insectifuge; Irritant; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml; Pesticide; Prostaglandin-Inhibitor; Tracheorelaxant; Trichomonicide LD100=150 ug/ml; Vermifuge

CARVONE Essential Oil:

Allergenic; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=1.4-1.8 mM; Antiproliferative; Antiseptic 1.5 x phenol; Cancer-Preventive; Candidistat; Carminative; CNS-Stimulant; FLavor FEMA 80-3,000; Fungistat; Insecticide; Insectifuge; Motor-Depressant; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sedative; Trichomonicide LD100=300 ug/ml; Vermicide

CARYOPHYLLENE Plant 10 - 60 ppm

Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; Allergenic; Analgesic; Antiacne; Antiasthmatic; Antibacterial; Anticariogenic MIC=>1,600 ug/ml; Antidermatitic; Antiedemic; Antifeedant 500 ppm; Antiinflammatory IC50=100 uM; Antileishmanic; Antionychyotic; Antiproliferant; Antispasmodic; Antistaphylococcic; Antistreptococcic; Antitumor; Antiulcer; Candidicide; FLavor FEMA 20-200; Fungicide; Gastroprotective; Insectifuge; Irritant; Larvicide; Mosquitocide; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sedative; Termitifuge

CHROMIUM Plant 17 ppm;

Amphiglycemic?; Antiacne; AntiAGE 200-1,000 ug; Antiaging; Antiatherosclerotic 20 ug/day; AntiCFS 200 ug; Anticorneotic; Antidiabetic 200-1,000 ug; Antidote (Lead); Antifatigue 200 ug; Antiglycosuric 200-1,000 ug; Antiobesity; Antisyndrome-X 200-800 ug; Antitriglyceride 20 ug/day 200-1,000 ug; Cardioprotective; Energizer; Hypocholesterolemic 20 ug/day 200-1,000 ug; Hypoglycemic; Hypotensive; Immunomodulator; Insulinogenic; Memorigenic

CINEOLE Plant 2 - 600 ppm

No activity reported.

CIS-ISOPULEGONE Plant 20 - 120 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

CITRONELLOL Plant 90 - 180 ppm

Allergenic; Antibacterial; Antiseptic; Antistaphylococcic; Antistreptococcic; Candidicide; FLavor FEMA 1-50; Fungicide; Herbicide IC50=160 uM; Irritant; Nematicide MLC=100 ug/ml; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sedative; Trichomonicide LD100=300 ug/ml

COBALT Plant 14 ppm;

Cardiomyopathogenic; Erythrocytogenic

CYMOL Plant 160 - 320 ppm

No activity reported.

DECYLIC-ACID Essential Oil:

No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


No activity reported.


Anticancer; Anticapillary-Fragility 300 mg/2x/day/woman; Anticarcinogenic; Anticlastogen; AntiCVI; Anticytotoxic; Antiedemic 50-200 mg/kg/day 600 mg/kg rat; Antihemorrhoidal 450 mg 2x/day x7days then 1x/day x2months; Antihistaminic; Antiinflammatory 600 mg/kg rat; Antileukotriene; Antimelanomic; Antimetastatic; Antimetrorrhagic; Antioxidant; Antiperoxidant; Antiproliferant; Antiprostaglandin; Antiradicular; Antithromboxane; Antiulcer; Chemopreventive; COMT-Inhibitor 200-400 mg/kg ip; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor; Cytoprotective; Diuretic; Hypoglycemic; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor; MDR-Inhibitor 100 uM; P450-Inhibitor; Radioprotective; Venoprotective; Venotonic


Allergenic; Antibacterial; Antiviral; Expectorant; Irritant; Pesticide; Sedative

EO Plant 10,000 - 20,000 ppm

No activity reported.

EUGENOL Plant 160 - 320 ppm

Acaricide LD50=5.47 ug/sq cm cf DEET at 37.59 ug/sq cm; Allergenic; Analgesic; Anesthetic 200-400; Antiaggregant IC50=0.3 uM; Antiarachidonate; Antibacterial 500 ppm MBC=400 ug/ml; Anticonvulsant; Antiedemic 100; Antiestrogenic; Antifeedant; Antigenotoxic 50-500 mg/kg orl mus; Antiherpetic IC50=16.2-25.6 ug/ml; Antiinflammatory (11 uM) IC~97=1,000 uM; Antikeratotic IC50=16.2-25.6 ug/ml; Antimitotic; Antimutagenic; Antinitrosating; Antioxidant 10 uM IC65=30 ppm; Antiprostaglandin 11 uM IC50=9.2 mM; Antipyretic 3 ml/man/day; Antiradicular EC50=2 ul/l; Antisalmonella MIC=400 ug/ml; Antiseptic 3 ml/man/day 400 ug/ml; Antispasmodic; Antistaphylococcic; Antithromboxane; AntiTNF; Antitumor; Antiulcer; Antiviral IC50=16.2-25.6 ug/ml; Apifuge; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=200 uM gpg IC50=224 uM; Cancer-Preventive; Candidicide; Carcinogenic?; Carminative; Choleretic; CNS-Depressant; COX-1-Inhibitor IC97=1,000 uM; COX-2-Inhibitor IC50=129 uM IC>97=1,000 uM; Cytochrome-P450-Inhibitor; Cytotoxic 25 ug/ml; Dermatitigenic; Enterorelaxant; FLavor FEMA 10-500; Fungicide; Hepatoprotective 100 ppm; Herbicide; Insecticide; Insectifuge; Irritant; Juvabional; Larvicide; Motor-Depressant; Nematicide MLC=2,000 ug/ml; Neurotoxic; Perfumery; Pesticide; Prostaglandin-Synthesis-Inhibitor 1 mM rbt IC50=9.2 uM; Sedative; Termiticide LD100=5 mg/g; Trichomonicide LD100=300 ug/ml; Trichomonistat IC50=10 ug/ml; Trypsin-Enhancer; Ulcerogenic; Varroacide; Vasodilator; Vermifuge

FAT Plant 45,000 ppm; Seed 266,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

FENCHENE Plant 70 - 140 ppm

No activity reported.

FENCHONE Plant 10 - 20 ppm

Antialzheimeran?; Anticholinesterase; Counterirritant; FLavor FEMA 0.1-5; Perfumery; Secretolytic

FIBER Plant 123,000 ppm;

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; Antidiabetic; Antihypertensive; Antiobesity; Antitumor; Antiulcer; Beta-Blocker; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic; Hypotensive 10 g/man/day/orl; Hypouricemic; Laxative; Vasodilator

FORMIC-ACID Essential Oil:

Acaricide; Antiseptic; Antisyncopic; Astringent; Corrosive; Counterirritant; FLavor FEMA 500-2,500; Fungistat; Fungitoxic; Irritant; Pesticide; Preservative; Toxic


Acaricide; ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml (weak activity); Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC23=1.2 mM; Antifeedant; Antioxidant; FLavor FEMA 1-40; Insectifuge; Irritant; Perfumery; Pesticide


Pesticide; Pheromone


Antiallergic; Antiinflammatory; Antileprotic; Antipeptic; Antipyretic; Antiulcer


Analgesic; Anti-LDL; Antiallergenic; Antibradykinic; Anticapillary-Fragility; AntiDNA; Antiflu; Antihistaminic; Antiinflammatory IC47=50 mg/kg scu IC63=100 mg/kg scu; Antileukotriene; Antioxidant IC50=8 ppm; Antiprostaglandin; AntiRNA; Antistomatitic; Antitriglyceride; Antiulcer 100-150 mg/kg ipr; Antivaccinia; Antiviral; Anxiolytic; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt; Capillariprotective; Catabolic; Choleretic; CNS-Depressant 100-150 mg/kg ipr; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor; Hypolipidemic; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor; Pesticide; ProHLDL; Vasopressor

HEXAN-1-OL Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

IRON Plant 2,310 ppm;

Antiakathisic; Antianemic; Anticanker; Anticheilitic; Antimenorrhagic 100 mg/day/wmn/orl; Prooxidant


No activity reported.

ISOMENTHOL Plant 1 - 10 ppm

Antiacetylcholinesterase IC29=1.2 mM

ISOMENTHONE Plant 8,420 ppm;

Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=1.6 mM; Antioxidant; Antiradicular


No activity reported.


No activity reported.

ISOPULEGOL Plant 680 - 1,360 ppm

Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=2.0 mM; FLavor FEMA 5-30; Perfumery

ISOPULEGONE Plant 65 - 2,014 ppm

FLavor FEMA 5-15; Hepatotoxic; Perfumery; Pulmonotoxic

KILOCALORIES Plant 3,490 /kg;

No activity reported.

LAURIC-ACID Essential Oil:

Antibacterial; Antioxidant IC71=60; Antiviral; Candidicide; COX-1-Inhibitor IC40=100; COX-2-Inhibitor IC20=100; Hypercholesterolemic

LIMONENE Plant 10 - 2,200 ppm 41 - 148 ppm

Acaricide LC100=8 uM; AChE-Inhibitor; Allelochemic; Allergenic 1/20th carene; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC22-26=1.2 mM; Antiadenomic; Antialzheimeran?; Antiasthmatic; Antibacterial; Anticancer; Antiesophagitic; Antifeedant; Antiflu; Antiinflammatory; Antilithic; Antilymphomic; Antimetastatic (Stomach); Antimutagenic; Antiobesity; Antiseptic; Antispasmodic ED50=0.197 mg/ml; Antitumor; Antitumor (Breast); Antitumor (Colon); Antitumor (Pancreas); Antitumor (Prostate); Antitumor (Stomach); Antiviral; Apoptotic; Bronchoprotectant; Cancer-Preventive; Candidistat; Chemopreventive; Cholesterolytic; Detoxicant; Enterocontractant; Expectorant; FLavor; Fungiphilic; Fungistat; GST-Inducer; Herbicide IC50=45 uM; Histaminic; Immunomodulator; Insecticide 0.37 uM/fly; Insectifuge; Interleukin-6-Inhibitor; Irritant; Lipolytic; Myorelaxant 50 mg/kg; Nematicide IC=100 ug/ml; NO-Genic; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor ~750 mg/kg (diet); Ozone-Scavenger; P450-Inducer; Peristaltic; Pesticide; Photosensitizer; Sedative ED=1-32 mg/kg; Transdermal

LINALOL Plant 15 - 30 ppm

No activity reported.

LINALOL-ACETATE Plant 10 - 820 ppm

No activity reported.

LINALOL-ISOVALERATE Plant 130 - 260 ppm

No activity reported.

MAGNESIUM Plant 5,500 ppm;

Antiaggregant 400 mg/day; Antialcoholic; Antianginal; Antianorectic; Antianxiety; Antiarrhythmic; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Antiatherosclerotic; Anticephalagic; AntiCFS; Anticlimacteric 500-750 mg/day; Anticonvulsant; Anticoronary 400 mg/day; Antidepressant; Antidiabetic 400-800 mg/man/day; Antidysmenorrheic 100 mg 4 x/day; Antiendometriotic 500 mg/day; Antienterotic; Antiepileptic 450 mg/day; Antifatigue; Antifibromyalgic 200-300 mg 3x/day; Antigastrotic; Antiglaucomic; Antihyperkinetic; Antihypertensive; Antihypoglycemic; Antiinflammatory 100 mg 4 x/day; Antiinsomniac; Antilithic; AntiLyme 400-1,000 mg; Antimastalgic; Antimenopausal 500-750 mg/day; Antimigraine 200 mg/day/man; Antimitral-valve-prolapse; AntiMS; Antinephrolytic; Antineurotic; Antiosteoporotic 500-1,000 mg/day/wmn/orl; Antiplaque 500-1,000 mg/day; AntiPMS 400-800 mg/day/wmn orl 400-800 mg/day/wmn/orl; AntiRaynaud's 280-350 mg/day; Antiretinopathic 400 mg/day; Antispasmodic; Antispasmophilic 500 mg/day; Antistress 500-750 mg/day; Antistroke 400 mg/day; Antisyndrome-X 400 mg/man/day; Anxiolytic 500-750 mg/day; Calcium-Antagonist; Cardioprotective; CNS-Depressant; Diuretic; Hypocholesterolemic 400 mg/day; Hypotensive 260-500 mg/day; Immunomodulator; Insulinogenic 400 mg/day; Laxative 300-500 mg/day; Litholytic; Myorelaxant 100 mg 4 x/day; Neurotransmitter; Tranquilizer 500-750 mg/day; Uterorelaxant 100 mg 4 x/day; Vasodilator

MANGANESE Plant 83 ppm;

Antialcoholic; Antianemic; Antiarthritic; Antidiabetic 10-30 mg/man/day 3-5 mg/day; Antidiscotic; Antidyskinetic; Antiepileptic 450 mg/day; Antiosteoporotic; Antiototic; Antioxidant; AntiPMS; Antisyndrome-X 10-30 mg/man/day; Hypoglycemic

MENTHENE Plant 280 - 560 ppm

No activity reported.

MENTHOFURAN Plant 1 - 160 ppm

Calcium-Antagonist IC50=441 uM gpg (weak activity); Hepatotoxic; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml; Pesticide; Pulmonotoxic


No activity reported.

MENTHOL Plant 1 - 3,780 ppm

Allergenic; Analgesic; Anesthetic 2,000 ppm; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=2.0 mM; Antiaggregant IC50=750; Antiallergic; Antiasthmatic; Antibacillus MIC=1.25 mg/ml; Antibacterial MIC=0.625-2.5; Antibronchitic; Antidandruff; Antiescherichic MIC=1.25 mg/ml; Antihalitosic; Antihistaminic; Antiinflammatory; Antilisteria MIC=0.625 mg/ml; Antineuralgic; Antiodontalgic; Antipruritic; Antipyretic; Antirheumatic; Antisalmonella; Antiseptic 4 x phenol; Antisinusitic; Antispasmodic ED50=0.01 mg/ml; Antistaphylococcic MIC=0.625 mg/ml; Antistreptococcic MIC=0.4 mg/ml; Antitartar; Antivaginitic; Antivulvitic; Bradycardic 65 mg/3 x day/woman; Bronchomucolytic; Bronchomucotropic; Bronchorrheic; Calcium-Antagonist; Candidicide MIC=0.625 mg/ml; Carminative; Choleretic; Ciliotoxic; CNS-Depressant; CNS-Stimulant; Congestant; Convulsant; Counterirritant; Decongestant? 11 mg/man; Dermatitigenic; Diaphoretic; Enterorelaxant; Expectorant; Gastrosedative; Irritant; Myorelaxant; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml; Neurodepressant; Neuropathogenic 40-100 mg/day/rat; Nociceptive; Perfumery; Pesticide; Refrigerant; Rubefacient; Termiticide; Transdermal; Vibriocide


No activity reported.

MENTHONE Plant 10 - 6,160 ppm 50 - 6,160 ppm

Acaricide; Allelopathic; Analgesic; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=1.4 mM; Antiaggregant IC50=750; Antiallergic; Antibacillary MIC=1.25 mg/ml; Antibacterial MIC=0.625-5 mg/ml; Antiescherichic MIC=5 mg/ml; Antihistaminic; Antilisteria MIC=1.25 mg/ml; Antisalmonella MIC=5 mg/ml; Antiseptic 2.25 x phenol; Antispasmodic ED50=0.044 mg/ml; Antistaphylococcic MIC=0.625-2.5 mg/ml; Cancer-Preventive; Candidicide MIC=2.5 mg/ml; Cerebrotoxic orl man; Culicide LC50=156-194 mg/l; FLavor FEMA 5-50; Fungicide; Insecticide LC50=156-194 mg/l; Larvicide; Mutagenic; Nematicide MLC=1 mg/ml; Perfumery; Pesticide; Psychoactive; Sedative; Trichomonicide LD100=600 ug/ml

MYRCENE Plant 27 - 600 ppm

ACE-Inhibitor 100 ug/ml; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; Allergenic; Analgesic; Antibacterial; Anticonvulsant; Antimutagenic; Antinitrosaminic; Antinociceptive 10-20 mg/kg ipr mus 20-40 mg/kg scu mus; Antioxidant; Antispasmodic; Chemopreventive; FLavor FEMA 0.5-9; Fungicide; Hypothermic; Insectifuge; Irritant; Myorelaxant 100-200 mg/kg; P450-2B1-Inhibitor IC50=0.14 uM; Perfumery; Pesticide

MYRISTIC-ACID Essential Oil:

Antioxidant IC71=60; Cancer-Preventive; Cosmetic; Hypercholesterolemic; Lubricant; Nematicide


No activity reported.

NEOISOMENTHOL Plant 30 - 1,160 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

NEOMENTHOL Plant 1 - 3,880 ppm

Antispasmodic ED50=0.033 mg/ml; Perfumery


Feliphile; Herbicide; Insectifuge; Pesticide; Sedative

NEROL Plant 10 - 20 ppm

Antibacterial; Antihelicobacter; Antiseptic; Antiulcer; Estrogenic; FLavor FEMA 1-20; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sedative; Trichomonicide ED100=300 ug/ml

O-CRESOL Essential Oil:

Allelochemic IC50=0.36 mM; Antimutagenic; Antiseptic; Cancer-Preventive; Pesticide; Rodenticide LD 50=620 cut rat

OCIMENE Plant 25 - 50 ppm

Insecticide; Perfumery

OCT-1-EN-3-OL Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

OCT-3-EN-1-OL Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

OCTAN-1-OL Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

OCTAN-1-OL-ACETATE Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

OCTAN-3-OL Plant 20 - 440 ppm

No activity reported.

OCTAN-3-OL-ACETATE Plant 12 - 160 ppm

No activity reported.

OCTAN-3-ONE Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

OCTEN-1-OL Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

OCTOIC-ACID Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

OCTYLIC-ACID Essential Oil:

No activity reported.

P-CRESOL Essential Oil:

Allelochemic IC50=1.13 mM; Antimutagenic; Antiseptic; Cancer-Preventive; FLavor FEMA <1; Parasiticide; Pesticide; Rodenticide LD50=1,100 cut rat

P-CYMENE Plant 3 - 610 ppm

Analgesic; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC40=1.2 mM; Antibacillary; Antibacterial; Antiflu; Antirheumatalgic; Antiviral; FLavor FEMA 12-250; Fungicide; Herbicide IC50=50 uM; Insectifuge; Irritant; Laxative; Pesticide; Sedative; Trichomonicide LD100=50 ug/ml

P-CYMOL Plant 30 - 60 ppm

No activity reported.

P-MENTHA-1,4(8)-DIENE Plant:

No activity reported.

P-MENTHANE Plant 40 - 80 ppm

No activity reported.

PALMITIC-ACID Essential Oil:

5-Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor; Antialopecic; Antiandrogenic; Antifibrinolytic; Antioxidant IC40=60; FLavor FEMA 1; Hemolytic; Hypercholesterolemic; Lubricant; Nematicide; Pesticide; Propecic; Soap

PHENOL Essential Oil:

Analgesic; Anesthetic; Antibacterial; Antihemorrhoidal; Antihydrocoele; Antiincontinence; AntiMS; Antionychogryphotic; Antiotitic; Antioxidant; Antiprostatitic; Antipyruvetic; Antiseptic; Antisinusitic; Antispastic; Antiviral; Antiwrinkle; Cancer-Preventive; Carcinogenic; CNS-Depressant; Emetic; Fungicide; Hemolytic 5,400 ppm; Pesticide; Rodenticide LD50=1,040 cut rat; Vasodilator

PHOSPHORUS Plant 2,520 ppm;

Antiosteoporotic; Anxiolytic; Immunostimulant; Osteogenic

PIPERITENOL Plant 100 - 200 ppm

No activity reported.

PIPERITENONE Plant 30 - 4,800 ppm

Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=110 ug/ml; Perfumery; Toxic 10,000/man

PIPERITOL Plant 10 - 20 ppm

No activity reported.

PIPERITOL-ACETATE Plant 100 - 200 ppm

No activity reported.

PIPERITONE Plant 9 - 11,000 ppm

Antiasthmatic; FLavor FEMA 1-2; Herbicide IC50=30 mM IC50=75 uM; Insectifuge (> DEET); Perfumery; Pesticide

PIPERTENONE Plant 33 - 66 ppm

No activity reported.

POTASSIUM Plant 10,500 - 15,310 ppm

Angiotensin-Receptor-Blocker; Antiarrhythmic; Antidepressant; Antifatigue; Antihypertensive; Antispasmodic; Antistroke; Anxiolytic; Beta-Blocker; Cardioprotective 3,000-5,000 mg; Cardiotoxic 18,000 mg/man/day; Diuretic; Hypotensive; Vasodilator

PROTEIN Plant 100,000 - 112,000 ppm Seed 100,000 - 246,000 ppm

No activity reported.

PULEGOL Plant 400 - 800 ppm

No activity reported.

PULEGONE Plant 520 - 18,800 ppm

AChE-Inhibitor; Antiacetylcholinesterase IC50=0.9 mM IC50=136 ug/ml; Antialzheimeran?; Antibacterial; Anticholinesterase; Antihistaminic; Antipyretic; Avifuge; Cancer-Preventive; Candidicide; Cerebrotoxic orl man; Encephalopathic 80 mg/kg orl rat; FLavor FEMA 5-30; Fungicide; Glutathionalytic; Hallucinogenic; Hepatotoxic; Herbicide IC50=1.5 uM; Insecticide; Insectifuge; Nephrotoxic; Neurotoxic; Perfumery; Pesticide; Pulifuge; Pulmonotoxic; Sedative


No activity reported.

ROSMARINIC-ACID Plant 30,000 ppm;

ABeta-Inhibitor; Adenylate-Cyclase-Inhibitor; Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor; Antiaggregant; Antiallergic; Antialzheimeran; Antianaphylactic 1-100 mg/kg orl ID50=1 mg/kg ivn rat ID50=10 mg/kg ims rat; Antiatherosclerotic IC50=0.74 uM; Antibacterial; Anticoagulant; Anticomplementary 1/2 aspirin 20 mg/kg ivn; Antidepressant; Antiedemic 0.316-3.16 mg/kg ims; Antigonadotropic; Antihemolytic IC70=5-10 um/l; Antihepatotoxic; Antiherpetic 50 ug/ml EC50=20 ug/ml; AntiHIV EC50=40 ug/ml; Antihyperthyroid; Antiinflammatory IC~58=1,000 uM; Antiintegrase 10 ug/ml; Antileukotriene; Antilipoperoxidant; Antimutagenic; Antinephritic; Antioxidant 10 uM EC50=2.7 ug/ml; Antioxidant (LDL) IC50=0.74 uM; Antiplaque; Antiproliferant; Antiprostaglandin 20 mg/kg ivn; Antiproteolytic IC50=0.9 mol l; Antipulmonotic; Antiradicular; Antishock; Antithyreotropic; Antithyroid; Antiuremic; Antiviral EC50=40 ug/ml; Anxiolytic; Apoptotic; Calcium-Antagonist IC50=1.2 uM rbt; Cancer-Preventive; COX-1-Inhibitor IC58=1,000 uM; COX-2-Inhibitor IC>58=1,000 uM; Cytotoxic TC50=100-150 ug/ml; Deiodinase-Inhibitor; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor; Neuroprotective; Pesticide; Radioprotective

SABINENE Plant 8 - 140 ppm

Antibacterial; Antihelicobacter; Antiseptic; Antiulcer; Perfumery


Allelochemic IC50=0.51 mM; FLavor FEMA 0.5-20; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sprout-Inhibitor


Aldose-Reductase-Inhibitor 724.6 uM; Analgesic; Antiarthritic; Antibacterial; Antidandruff; Antidermatotic; Antieczemic; Antiichthyosic; Antiinflammatory; Antineuralgic; Antioncychomycotic; Antioxidant; Antiperiodic; Antipodagric; Antipsoriac; Antipyretic; Antirheumatic; Antiseborrheic; Antiseptic; Antitumor; Antitympanitic; Cancer-Preventive; Comedolytic; COX-2-Inhibitor; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor; Dermatitigenic; Fungicide MIC 1,000 ug/ml; Hypoglycemic; Insectifuge; Keratolytic; Pesticide; Thermogenic 130 ppm; Tineacide; Ulcerogenic


No activity reported.

SELENIUM Plant 25 ppm;

Analgesic 200 ug/day; Anorexic; Antiacne; Antiaggregant; Antiangiogenic 2 uM 230 ug/kg orl rat; Antiarthritic; Antiasthmatic; Antiatherosclerotic; Anticataract 400 ug/day; Anticirrhotic; Anticlimacteric 200 ug/day; Anticoronary; Antidandruff; Antidepressant; Antidote (Mercury); Antifibrotic 400 ug; Antigout 200 ug; AntiHIV; Antikeshan; Antileukemic 1.6 mg/kg ipr mus; Antileukotriene; Antimaculitic; Antimelanomic 480 ug/kg; Antimenopausal 200 ug/day; Antimetastatic 480 ug/kg; Antimyalgic 200 ug/day; AntiNF-kB; Antiosteoarthritic; Antioxidant 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; Antiparkinsonian 200-400 ug/day; Antiproliferant 2 uM; Antiradicular 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; Antirheumatic; Antisyndrome-X; Antitumor; Antitumor (brain) 38-150 ug/kg; Antitumor (Breast) 0.8 mg/kg scu mus 150 ug/kg diet rat 230 ug/kg orl rat 333.6 ug/day; Antitumor (Lung) 240 ug/kg diet; Antitumor (Prostate); Antiulcerogenic; Anxiolytic; AP-1-Inhibitor 2-50 uM; Apoptotic; Cancer-Preventive; Cardioprotective 200 ug/day; Depressant; Fungicide; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant 100-200 (-400) ug/man/day; NF-kB-Inhibitor; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Polyamine-Synthesis-Inhibitor; Prostaglandin-Sparer; Protein-Kinase-C-Inhibitor IC50=2-50 uM; VEGF-Inhibitor

SILICON Plant 182 ppm;

Antiarteriosclerotic; Antionychyotic; Antiosteoporotic; Cardioprotective

SODIUM Plant 2,790 - 5,410 ppm


TANNIN Plant 40,000 ppm;

Anthelmintic; Antibacterial; Anticancer; Anticariogenic; Antidiarrheic; Antidysenteric; Antihepatotoxic; AntiHIV; Antihypertensive; Antilipolytic; Antimutagenic; Antinephritic; Antiophidic; Antioxidant 1/3 quercetin IC50=1.44 ug/ml; Antiradicular 1/3 quercetin 500 mg/kg/day orl mus; Antirenitic; Antitumor; Antitumor-Promoter; Antiulcer; Antiviral; Cancer-Preventive; Carcinogenic; Chelator; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor; Glucosyl-Transferase-Inhibitor; Hepatoprotective; Immunosuppressant; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor; MAO-Inhibitor; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Psychotropic; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor

TERPINENOL Plant 10 - 20 ppm

No activity reported.

TERPINOLENE Plant 1 - 90 ppm

Allelochemic; Antifeedant; Antinitrosaminic; Antioxidant; Deodorant; FLavor FEMA 15-60; Fungicide; Perfumery; Pesticide

THUJONE Plant 10 - 20 ppm

Abortifacient; Anthelmintic; Antibacterial; Antiseptic; Antispasmodic ED50=0.127 mg/ml; Cerebrodepressant; Convulsant 40 mg/kg; Counterirritant; Emmenagogue; Epileptigenic; Hallucinogenic; Herbicide IC50=22 mM; Neurotoxic; Perfumery; Pesticide; Respirainhibitor; Toxic


Acaricide; Allergenic; Analgesic; Ancylostomicide; Anesthetic; Ankylostomacide; Anthelmintic; Antiacne; Antiaggregant IC50=0.75; Antialzheimeran?; Antiarthritic; Antiatherosclerotic IC50=4 uM; Antibacterial MIC=50-400 ug/ml; Antibronchitic; Anticariogenic MIC=200-400 ug/ml; Anticholinesterase; Antihalitosic; Antiherpetic; Antiinflammatory (=indomethacin); Antilepric; Antimelanomic IC50=120 uM/l; Antineuritic; Antioxidant 100 ppm; Antioxidant (LDL) IC50=4 uM; Antiperiodontic MIC=50-200 ug/ml; Antiplaque MIC=39-625 ug/ml; Antiradicular EC=60; Antirheumatic; Antisalmonella; Antiseptic 20 x phenol; Antispasmodic; Antistaphylococcic; Antistreptococcic MIC=200-400 ug/ml; Antitrichinosic 5%; Antitussive; Ataxigenic; Candidicide 100 ug/ml (>Nystatin); Carminative; Counterirritant; Culicide LC50=36-49 mg/l; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor (=indomethacin); Dentifrice; Deodorant; Dermatitigenic; Enterorelaxant; Enterotoxic; Expectorant; FLavor FEMA 2-100; Fungicide; Gastroirritant; Gram(+)icide MIC=200-400 ug/ml; Gram(-)icide MIC=50-200 ug/ml; Insecticide 0.22 uM/fly LC50=36-49 mg/l; Insectifuge; Irritant; Larvicide 10 ppm 58 ppm LC50=36-49 mg/l; Molluscicide; Myorelaxant; Nematicide MLC=0.1 mg/ml; Perfumery; Pesticide; Sedative; Sprout-Inhibitor; Tracheorelaxant; Trichomonicide LD100=25 ug/ml; Urinary-Antiseptic; Varroacide; Vermicide

TIN Plant 24 ppm;

Antiacne; Antibacterial; Pesticide; Taenicide

TRANS-BETA-OCIMENE Plant 1 - 8 ppm

No activity reported.

TRANS-ISOPULEGONE Plant 70 - 320 ppm

No activity reported.


No activity reported.

WATER Plant 912,000 ppm;

No activity reported.

ZINC Plant 56 ppm;

ACE-Inhibitor; Analgesic; Antiacne 135 mg/day; Antiacrodermatitic 8-34 mg/day/orl/chd; Antialcoholic; Antialopecic; Antialzheimeran 50 mg/day; Antiangiogenic; Antianorexic; Antiarthritic 50 mg/3x/day/orl/man; AntiBPH 25-60 mg/day; Anticanker 100 mg/day; Anticataract 30 mg/day; Anticoeliac; Anticold 50 mg; Anticolitic; Anticoronary 30 mg/day; AntiCrohn's; Antidandruff; Antidementia; Antidiabetic; Antidote (Cadmium); Antidysgeuzic; Antieczemic 150 mg/day; Antiencephalopathic; Antiepileptic 100 mg/day; Antifibrotic 30 mg; Antifuruncular 45 mg/3x/day/man; Antihangover 15 mg; Antiherpetic? 25-60 mg/day; AntiHIV; Antiimpotence; Antiinfective 50 mg/day; Antiinfertility 60 mg/day; Antiinsomniac; Antilepric; Antileukonychic; Antilymphomic; Antimaculitic; Antimetastatic; Antineuropathic; Antinyctalopic; Antiobesity 30 mg/day; Antiosteoporotic; Antiperiodontitic; Antiplaque; Antiprolactin; Antiprostatitic 50 mg/man/day/orl; Antirheumatic; Antiseptic 50 mg/day; Antispare-Tire 30 mg/day; Antistomatitic 50 mg/man/3x/day; Antisyndrome-X 30 mg/day; Antitinnitic 60-120 mg/day; Antitriglyceride 30 mg/day; Antiulcer 50 mg/3x/day/man 88 mg/rat/day/15 days; Antiviral?; Astringent; Collagenic; Copper-Antagonist; Deodorant; Detoxicant (Alcohol); Ergogenic; Hypotensive 30 mg/day; Immunomodulator; Immunostimulant; Immunosuppressant 300 mg/day/6 wks/orl/man; Insulinogenic 30 mg/day; Leptingenic 30-60 mg/man/day; Mucogenic; NF-kB-Inhibitor; Pesticide; Spermigenic 60 mg/day; Testosteronigenic; Trichomonicide; Vulnerary

ppm = parts per million
tr = trace

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