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Croiset, Gerard - The Skeleton of the German Rapist in Rotterdam



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

The Skeleton of the German Rapist

Rotterdam is a city which has been energetically rebuilt since Hitler devastated it during World War II.

In May 1949, when Professor Tenhaeff lectured in Rotterdam before the Association of Higher Police Officials, Mr. V.H., Rotterdam's Chief Inspector of Police, told him, "We found part of a skeleton in a local house now being rebuilt. But we are not sure where it came from. Do you think any of your paragnosts could give us any information about it?”

"That may be possible," replied the professor, thinking about Croiset.

Two months later, on July 10, Croiset visited the RotterDam home of Police Inspector V.H. with Professor and Mrs Tenhaeff to perform this experiment. Police did not know the origin of the skeleton, whether it was a wartime vertebra or from a later murder. Now the police official handed the clairvoyant the skeleton as an inductor. Croiset quickly received a series of astonishing images of the old house, and the method in which the man whose bone he held was murdered during the war.

"I get the impression of a German military officer," began Croiset. "He got hit on the neck. A disc in his neck is damaged. (Several days after the skeleton was found in December 1948, a Dutchman told the police that in 1940 he had witnessed a German officer on a deserted street being hit on the neck with an iron pipe.)

"It has something to do with his being paralyzed. (The Nazi officer's neck was paralyzed from the beating, the witness reported.)

"I see a chocolate shop where sweets are sold. An old Iady is the proprietor. [Correct. Although Police Inspector V.H. at first denied the existence of this shop, Croiset persisted that he 'saw' it. Several hours later, when they all visited the spot where part of the skeleton was found, they detected, about fifteen meters from there, a small chocolate shop managed by an old woman. Because this seemed irrelevant to the investigation, it had escaped police notice.)

"Were there more people present when the skeleton was found? I feel there was building being done when it was found. [Correct. The skeleton, to which the disc belonged, was found by workmen during the building's restoration in December 1948.)

"Death was forced. The man was hit on the neck. [Correct.)

"There must have been a sack with the skeleton when it was found. [Correct.)

"Soccer is played in the neighborhood. [Correct: Near where the skeleton was found, was an area used by boys as a soccer field.)

"I now see a warehouse. It has a green door that opens out. [The witness showed police a warehouse with an outward-opening green door, where he reported the struck German officer was brought.)

"The body was carried away in a truck. The place where the skeleton was found is not where the murder took place (Police believe the body was probably transported from another spot.)

"I am now in a neighbourhood where workers live. (The site where the body was found is in such a neighbourhood.)

"The German officer is completely undressed and beaten up. (The eyewitness reported how the officer was stripped and beaten when murdered. The condition of the skeleton also indicated this.)

"Did that German officer have sexual intercourse with a Dutch girl? I see a Dutch girl. She is raped by the German officer." [Correct: The witness testified that in 1940 the Nazi officer was not murdered by the Underground, but by the girl's father in revenge for his having raped her.)

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Croiset, Gerard

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