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Clare, John - And from their hurry up the skylark flies



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John Clare– from the Everyman's poetry collection

 And from their hurry up the skylark flies
And o'er her half formed nest with happy wings
Winnows the air – till in the clouds she sings,
Then hangs  - a dust spot in the sunny skies
And drops and drops till in her nest she lies
Where boys unheeding passed – ne'er dreaming then
That birds which flew so high – would drop again
To nests upon the ground where any thing
May come at to destroy.  Had they the wing
Like such a bird, themselves would be too proud
And build on nothing but a passing cloud,
As free from danger as the heavens are free
From pain and toil – there would they build and be
And sail about the world to scenes unheard
Of and unseen – O were they but a bird.
So think they while they listen to its song
And smile and fancy and so pass along
While its low nest moist with the dews of morn
Lies safely with the leveret in the corn

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Clare, John

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