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The observer is not Glaskin himself but another subject, but in order for you to be able to see the background to the experience, the source link goes to Glaskin

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A Commentary on the ‘Christos’ Technique - Alastair I. McIntosh

In her fifth run (out of a total of seventeen) I asked Ann to think hard … of our mutual friend, Paula, so as to move towards her, locate her, and describe what she was doing (none of us knew this information at the time).

‘Ah,’ Ann replied after a minute’s silence, ‘Paula’s sitting in her room on the hard-backed chair (wrong, she was on the bed, but the hard-backed chair was in line with that and Ann’s viewpoint), and she’s talking to a girl who I’ve never seen before. I’m watching them through the window from outside (we later found that the curtains had actually been open, although it was pitch dark outside), and the girl to whom she’s talking is about five feet, four inches tall, with light red hair down to her shoulders and she has a roundish, slightly freckled face’ (condensed — not verbatim).

Ann continued to watch them, telling us that she was looking through the window from outside, and tapping on the glass in order to try and attract the couple’s attention, but not surprisingly they were unable to hear her.

While this was going on I asked Sarah, an observer who was present, to go up to Paula’s room and see if Ann’s observation could be substantiated. She went out quietly and Ann later stated that she had not been conscious of her departure, although she must have subconsciously heard me telling Sarah what to do. A couple of minutes later Ann announced that she could see somebody else entering Paula’s room. She gave a full physical description of Sarah, then suddenly exclaimed, ‘Oh, it’s Sarah!’ — somewhat surprised since she had believed that Sarah was still with us. ‘And’, she added, ‘all three of them are killing themselves with laughter. They’re in hysterics!’

A few minutes later Sarah came back down together with Paul and a girl, Jill, who exactly fitted the description given. Apparently Sarah had gone into Paula’s room and was so amazed to see this girl there that she burst out laughing with surprise. The other two joined in, despite the fact that they didn’t know what was so funny, thus explaining why they were all seen to be ‘in hysterics’. Neither Ann nor I had ever seen Jill beforehand, and none of us had known that Paula would be in her room with a visitor at that time either.

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Glaskin, Gerald

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